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Turn old tires into “King Kong”, selling for 65 million VND

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Trieu, 34 years old in Ben Tre used more than 200 old motorcycle tires to cover the iron frame to form a giant gorilla model in the American movie King Kong and sold it for 65 million VND.($1=24,000 VND)

Mr. Trieu is a mechanic in Ba Tri district, Ben Tre. 4 years ago, he went to visit a relative’s house but had no place to sit because the furniture was broken. When he returned home, he planned to make a new set of iron tables and chairs for his family. He happened to see old motorcycle tires, which he used to cover to sit more smoothly.

“I did not expect the product to make some people interested. They ordered me to make it, and so far, I have sold more than a dozen sets. Thinking that this material can be recycled, making many valuable products, I continue to experiment. make a giant gorilla model in the famous American movie King Kong”, Mr. Trieu shared.

As a mechanic, but also with artistic talent, he often receives mural painting and bas-relief, so he has combined this skill to shape products.

Turn old tires into “King Kong”, selling for 65 million VND
Tires are fixed with screws (Photo: Character provided).
Depending on the type of old tire, Mr. Trieu creates different parts on the model (Photo: provided by the character).

The first is to sketch the product image you want to make on paper. Then use iron to create a solid frame. Next, he used 200 old motorcycle tires to cut into small threads to cover the frame and fix it with screws. After finishing, Mr. Trieu cleaned and covered with 1 layer of black paint, 1 layer of glossy paint to make the product more beautiful.

To make the product have a soul, Mr. Trieu bought 2 patches (ladles) to scoop the soup and then paint it, paint the pupils to make King Kong’s eyes look like the real thing.

“The hardest part was cutting the tires. Since there was no specialized cutting tool, the manual cutting took time and the old tires were very dirty. However, thanks to the tire material that was cut into yarn, I was able to describe the animal’s fur that cement or styrofoam cannot do,” Mr. Trieu said.

Products after being cleaned and painted (Photo: Diep Phan).
The model is placed on wheels for easy movement (Photo: Diep Phan).

After more than 2 months of implementation, Mr. Trieu has completed the product. On February 13, a video recording of the product was posted on social networks, and someone immediately transferred a deposit to buy it for 65 million VND.

Mr. Trieu said that his product weighs more than 300kg. 2.2m high, 1.5m wide, 2.5m long; 3-4 people can still sit up. The product can withstand the sun and rain, high durability. Can be used as a statue in a cafe, entertainment area…

“I’m very happy to be able to turn my old discarded tires into an aesthetic and high-value product. Hopefully with the idea of ​​​​using recycled tires like this, many people everywhere can make it. many more beautiful and meaningful products”, Mr. Trieu shared.

According(Dan Tri)

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