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The boy left the street to the forest: Grilled fish on rocks, boiled eggs in a cork

 Due to the influence of the Covid-19 epidemic, Trieu Tri Kien (Tuyen Quang) left the street to return to his hometown, he decided to go on a camping trip to the woods, in harmony with nature.

After graduating from Home Affairs University, Trieu Tri Kien (1993) lived in Phuc Yen commune, Lam Binh district, Tuyen Quang province and worked in Hanoi and Bac Ninh. In early 2020, due to the influence of the Covid-19, 9X epidemic, he left Hanoi to return to his hometown, and began a journey to challenge himself to live in the midst of wild mountains.

“I am a person who likes to move and discover new things in nature. Forests is my favorite destination, where I can be immersed in nature, breathe fresh air, listen to the sounds. The sound of birds singing, insects chirping “, Kien said excitedly.

Most of the camps Kien was built on the tree forest of family and acquaintances, the forest was about an hour’s walk from home. The whole camp is kept as a souvenir and a stopover for people when grazing in this forest.

“My simple purpose is to go to the forest and camp and do basic human skills in the wild. I see this trend in a foreign country very popular but in Vietnam there are not many real people. show “, Kien shares about the purpose of a” picnic “in his own way.

The boy left the street to the forest: Grilled fish on rocks, boiled eggs in a cork
Kien takes 3-5 days to find ingredients and perfect the farm.

Because he wanted to test himself in the wild mountain conditions, Kien only brought some tools such as: a kettle, knife, saw, ax, ignition tool and some food.

The young man 9X started his life in the mountains and forests by looking for bamboo, palm trees and ferns to build a camp. Born and raised in the mountains, Kien has a lot of experience in the jungle, finding materials to build camps does not make him difficult.

But the most difficult was the weather: “My first trip was very arduous, that night it rained heavily, lightning and strong winds almost blew the camp,” Kien recalls.

After 7 months, Kien has built 8 camps in many different locations, each time he goes to the forest for about 1 week: “The simplest camp takes 1 day, the more difficult camp will take about 3-5 days. After finishing camp, I will cook, lie down and relax “.

Kien “built” a clay kitchen in the forest to cook and bake food. He mainly brought food with fresh meat and animals bought from home and earned more vegetables and valuable medicinal plants in the forest to cook soup and boil as water.

Kitchen Kien built from clay taken from the forest to cook and bake food.
The 9X boy brought food to bake on the homemade kitchen.
Grilled fish on ice
Boil eggs in a cork

9X confided, each trip has its own difficulty, but overall in the hot summer, there are many insects such as snakes, centipedes, mosquitoes. Therefore, everyone should go to open forests, do not go to dense forests and burn lemongrass trees to scent to repel insects.

In winter, the nature is more generous but must be warm because in the very cold forest, Kien sets up a camp to shield the wind and make a fire to heat. Before leaving the camp to drive home, Kien always cleaned up the trash around the camp.

The most special feature in Kien’s “return to nature” trip is the companion of a dog named “Chu Den”. Kien said, this is a friend of his family: “Chu Den is 10 years old, this is the dog his father brought back from Chiem Hoa (Tuyen Quang) when the owner did not have money to pay to make Kien with his uncle. This dog “.

The dog is like a “bodyguard” guarding Kien’s camp.

“Sometimes in the middle of the forest, if I don’t know who to talk to, there is a dog as a friend, I am less lonely,” said Kien.

In addition to experiencing and challenging himself, Kien also returned to his journey and made videos posted on youtube to keep memories of his youth and share how to camp, live, eat, drink in Forest to everyone. All videos Kien recorded and edited by phone.

Having been told by people to be crazy when doing this journey, but Kien was not discouraged but still determined to do it: “In the early days, I also wondered if it was right to do this, but many people supported I watched the video, so I was motivated, ”said Kien.

Through field trips, Kien has helped to practice his independent living and working skills. More specifically, overcoming challenges, finding ways to survive in the wild, jobs that this young man had never done before.

Currently, Kien still spends his free time going camping and making videos to share his experiences.

Ha Hien/Dan trí

Photo: NVCC

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