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The dog traveled all over the southern beaches

In the summer of 2020, Co (6 years old) of the Samoyed breed went with the beach resort owner of Vung Tau, Phu Quoc, Mui Ne…

Co belongs to Samoyed dog breed, 6 years old with snow-white fur, currently lives with her owner Tran Ngoc Bao Tran (1993) in District 10, Ho Chi Minh City. Traveling everywhere with Co is always Tran’s wish. So, from 2018 when her job was stable and she had more time, she decided to “buy” her own car to go anywhere with her pet dog.

In July 2020, Co had a 2-day-one-night trip to Vung Tau and stopped to take photos at Da Xanh lake on the way. Turquoise lake water, white clouds floating overhead create a charming scene.

Coming to Vung Tau, Co was taken by her owner to watch the sunset at Back Beach, near Nghinh Phong cape. This is also a suitable place to enjoy the sea breeze in the afternoon. From above, Hon Ba can be seen looming in the middle of the clear blue sea.

In mid-July, Bao Tran continued with her pet dog to go to the beach for the second time to “escape from the sun” in Saigon. The destination this time is Mui Ne in Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan. Unfortunately, according to Tran, Co had a bad experience here; it was falling … crashing his head into the sand when he was about to rush to chase a dog playing in the distance.

She also rented a jeep to take her 4-legged friend to watch the sunrise and visit Bau Trang. “It was the first time Co played in the sand, but as a snow dog, Co easily gets tired when traveling to hot areas; I always have to prepare water for Co,” Tran said.

Thanks to Co as a companion, every trip of Bao Tran is full of joy. The hardest thing for her was finding places and shops that allowed animals. Sometimes Tran also has the inconvenience of always having to leash and watch Co every time he goes out but seeing his dog happy; all difficulties become small things.

In August, Co set out to follow her owner to Phu Quoc pearl island. The journey lasts 5 days and 4 nights with many memorable experiences such as: watching the sunrise at Bai Sao, hunting starfish in Rach Vem, canoeing to the famous islands of Phu Quoc, swimming, surfing, and surfing. Night market.

Co was allowed to swim in Hon May Rut by her owner. “This dog knows how to swim, but no matter how many times he goes into the water, he is still very stressed; just pull away and swim to the shore. For Co, the water doesn’t touch his feet; it’s like a deep pit of death,” Tran laughed.

Co sat waiting for the afternoon sun to fall on the sand at the bar next to the beach. In the distance, the red sun dyed the space a romantic orange light.

The dream, as well as the plan that Tran has always cherished, is to travel with Co across Vietnam from South to North. She expressed hope to accompany her 4-legged friend to more places, especially the central and northern provinces after the epidemic is under control. Follow vnexpress/Photo: NVCC.

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