07.02.2023, 14:48

Unique contest of cooking traditional dishes combined with modern in Hanoi

Within the framework of “Spring Festival, Spring Culinary Culture Festival 2023”, the contest “Spring Cuisine – Ngu Xa Pearl Island 2023” attracted the participation of 8 famous restaurants. , bringing unique dishes.

On the morning of February 5 (January 15), the Party Committee and People’s Committee of Truc Bach Ward (Ba Dinh District, Hanoi) and the Management Board of the walking street food street “Ngu Xa Pearl Island” organized the program ” Spring Festival, Spring Culinary Culture Festival 2023″.

Within the framework of the festival, the contest “Spring Cuisine – Ngu Xa Pearl Island 2023” attracted the participation of 8 famous restaurants in Truc Bach ward, Ba Dinh district and Hanoi city.

8 restaurants participating in the contest include: 1946 restaurant, Huong Mai noodle restaurant, Vinh Phong noodle restaurant, 31 noodle restaurant, Son Ca restaurant, carpenter’s beef restaurant, lotus shrimp hotpot restaurant peach and frog hot pot restaurant 72 Pho Duc Chinh.

Each competition team will cook a traditional tray with typical dishes of Vietnamese cuisine, to offer to the Holy Ancestor of the Ngu Xa bronze casting profession.

The teams can create or decorate the tray in a modern way, minimum 7 dishes, maximum 10 dishes.

In addition to the traditional dishes on the tray, the restaurants have brought typical dishes that make up the brand such as pho roll, frog meat, beef, …

From 8am, representatives of the competition teams gather at Ngu Xa communal house to prepare the tray. 

The contest jury consists of culinary, cultural and historical experts, such as: Historian Duong Trung, chef Vo Quoc (Vietnamese Culinary Ambassador – the title awarded by the World Association of Chefs). 2012; Rector of French – Vietnamese Culinary Academy); Journalist Hoang Dinh Linh (Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Vietnam Women’s Newspaper); Chef Le Quoc Dinh (Culinary Expert, Ajinomoto Vietnam Brand Representative, Lecturer at French-Vietnamese Culinary Academy) and Ms. Le Mai Huong (Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Truc Bach Ward).

Representatives of the restaurants in turn presented about the tray. 

Mr. Nguyen Dan Huy, Chairman of Truc Bach Ward People’s Committee wishes that the contest “Spring Cuisine – Ngu Xa Pearl Island 2023” is a playground, an annual exchange space where domestic and foreign tourists will learn about Vietnamese culinary culture.

“We expect the competition teams to bring traditional dishes that both show historical values ​​and inherit modern cultural features. Through the contest, visitors, especially young people, will find the source of the source. roots, understand traditional values”, Mr. Huy said. 

Historian Duong Trung Quoc commented that 8 restaurants all offer diverse and beautiful dishes, and try to find their own distinctive features through their signature dishes.

According to him, it is this diversity that will create conditions for the People’s Committee of Truc Bach ward to plan and distribute dishes at the pedestrian street, thereby making a difference and attracting domestic and foreign tourists.

Chef Vo Quoc highly appreciates the contest that both promotes cuisine and brings a lot of cultural values. According to him, each region, even each family has different criteria to make a tray. This is evident in the competition when the trays all have their own distinctive features, and the teams are “equal to each other”.

After the contest, three thematic prizes were awarded to frog hot pot restaurant (creative tray), Son Ca restaurant (the most impressive chicken dish) and Bo To Quan Moc restaurant (the most impressive beef dish). 

The third prize went to Vinh Phong noodle soup restaurant and lotus peach shrimp hot pot restaurant.

The second prize belongs to Huong Mai noodle restaurant. 

Nguyen Tuyet Mai, owner of the Huong Mai noodle chain restaurant, said that the tray was a combination of traditional dishes (roasted bird, fried oats, spring rolls, ball soup) and modern (pho rolls, fried pho). 

Pho roll 31 restaurant won the first prize with a variety of dishes. 

The excellent prize, which was highly appreciated by the jury, went to the restaurant 1946 with a tray of dishes including mixed sauerkraut, tofu, spring rolls, braised burnt rice, king vegetables, snails, squid bamboo shoot soup, Rieu hot pot. 

According (Dan Tri)