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Medicinal plants that are easy to grow bring great income to farmers

The plant that is easy to grow and care for has brought a “huge” income every year for people in Nghia Dan district, Nghe An.

From the area of ​​inefficient cropland, many households in Nghia Thanh commune, Nghia Dan district, Nghe An have boldly switched to growing cycads, bringing high economic efficiency.

In 2020, the first fan garden in Nghia Dan land of Mr. Le Van Khuong’s household, in Sinh hamlet, Nghia Thanh commune, developed well, giving high incomes, so many people come to visit and learn…

Medicinal plants that are easy to grow bring great income to farmers
Each hectare of cypress trees after deducting costs is more than 400 million VND (Photo: NP).

One of the families who, after visiting, boldly converted more than 6 acres of inefficient sugarcane land to growing cycads, was Mr. Vu Van Loi in the same commune. Mr. Loi said that the plant is quite easy to grow, suitable for the soil here, has no pests and diseases, and has a yield that is many times higher than that of other plants.

“This medicinal plant, when grown, only needs to be fertilized with manure, watered wells, and water from streams and streams will still grow. The plant has easy output, high and reasonable price. Plants grown within 18-24 months will give good results. harvest the tubers to make medicinal herbs. Each hectare can yield 3 tons of tubers, with the selling price of 240,000-260,000 VND/kg”, Mr. Loi said.

Nghia Thanh farmers visit the model of growing cheap fans of Mr. Vu Van Loi’s family in Sinh village (Photo: NP).

The plant is a low-stem plant, focusing on developing the roots. The leaves are lanceolate 20-40cm long and about 2-3cm wide. The leaf blade is long, the veins are parallel. Usually the leaves cover the stem from bottom to top, the larger the leaves separate and radiate outward, like a fan, so it is called a fan tree.

Dandelion is very easy to live in nature . For medicinal purposes, people often take the stem and tubers of the plant to make herbs.

In the near future, Mr. Loi will expand the area of ​​cypress trees (Photo: NP).

According to Mr. Loi, the soil for planting the cypress trees must be loose, fertile, especially well-drained soil. Watering twice a day in the early morning and evening, should not be watered at midday.

“The fruit, stem, leaves, and roots of the plant are all used as medicine. When planting, if the plant is found to have pests and diseases, it must be planted separately, if the disease is too severe and must be sprayed with special insecticides, it must also be selected. organic medicine, environmentally friendly. The most important thing when taking care of fans is to use organic fertilizers such as manure, decaying compost for the fastest growth”, Mr. Loi said.

The fruit, stem, leaves, and roots of the plant are all used as medicine (Photo: NP).

Up to now, the whole Nghia Thanh commune has grown more than 10 hectares of this medicinal plant, mainly concentrated in Sinh hamlet. Fenugreek has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and expectorant effects. Fenugreek is a special plant for treating upper respiratory tract diseases such as sore throat, laryngitis, tonsillitis, cough, shortness of breath, a lot of phlegm…

Ms. Nguyen Thi So, Chairwoman of the Farmers’ Association of Nghia Thanh Commune said: “In 2020, Mr. Khuong’s family is the first household to learn about the model of growing cheap fans in the Dien Chau district. After a year of planting, it was effective. There are many households who boldly convert their vegetable area to grow this variety, according to the people’s calculations, each hectare after deducting costs is more than 400 million VND.

Create jobs for many farmers in their idle time (Photo: NP).

Up to now, the orchards have grown well, the output prices are stable. In the coming time, we will propagate to people to replicate the model, especially with the inefficient hilly land in the commune.”

The success of the fan model will open up a new direction in agricultural production, contribute to the successful transformation of plant variety structure to improve economic efficiency on the same area, and at the same time contribute to the diversity of crops. grow crops, create more jobs for local people.

According (Dan Tri)

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