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Camping, enjoy food by the stream on holidays

While many tourists go to the beach for vacation, many groups of families and young people choose to camp by the stream to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the 30/4 holiday.

During the first three days of the holidays of April 30 and May 1, the trend of going out became more and more popular with many families in the North when the Covid-19 epidemic was in danger of outbreak. Due to the complicated terrain, groups of tourists often use high-powered vehicles to take place.

The camping site chosen by groups of tourists is a place with charming scenery such as mountains, rivers, streams, forests … In the photo, the group of Ms. Thuy and Ms. Lan in Hanoi find the Boi river area (Hoa Binh) stretch the canvas to avoid the sun, bring tables and chairs with food and drink to sit and enjoy, admire the scenery.

There are about 20 other groups of visitors nearby. They use tents so that they can lie down until night, even overnight here. Northern weather in the first three days of the holiday is quite cool, below 30 degrees C, convenient for fun activities.

Most of the groups of tourists sit on the tables and chairs by the stream to dip their feet in the water, drink coffee and enjoy the cool feeling.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tuan (taking pictures) said that the house is in Duong Noi urban area, Ha Dong district, but must go to Bac Ninh to welcome family members and then come here to have fun. Although he has been on many trips, this is the first time he comes to Boi River, Hoa Binh.

While Mr. Tuan was engrossed in serving his sisters, his friend was in charge of the cooking. Everyone is expected to stay here until sunset.

Here, young children can swim in the shallow areas or use a buoy to swim in the stream. The deepest section is only 1.5 meters.

Em Khanh (a 9th grade student from Hanoi) was awkwardly afraid of falling when practicing handling paddle. This section of the stream is not flowing strongly, but it is enough to float the inflatable float boat specialized for outdoor players.

This group of young people is late and has run out of space. They had to wade to the other side of the stream to recline and north the stove to grill in the water.

Ms. Huyen, a grade 11 student from Hanoi, is practicing barbecue for the first time. My family fully prepared tools, filled with two cars for lunch and dinner by the stream.

“When the danger of the Covid-19 epidemic returns in this day, it is safe to go camping in an empty place and do not have to jostle with anyone. It is a real relaxation and relaxation after hard working days” , Mr. Tuan shared. Follow zingnews

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