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Camping in the rain on holiday

Knowing that it will rain on the occasion of April 30, many tourists in the South still decide to go camping because they think this is an interesting experience.

Seeing the weather forecast that there will be rain on the occasion of the holiday of April 30, Mr. Tran Cao Thang, 40 years old, from Ho Chi Minh City still decided to lead a group of 10 personal cars to camp in La Ngau, Binh Thuan . In his view, camping in the rain is a “lucky thing”.

At 10 am, it was pouring rain, and the whole group took advantage of the rain to set up tents and tarpaulins. No one complained but found it very interesting. “Rain brings a different experience, fighting with nature with the tent he built, enjoying coffee gathering under the tent, or simply lying in the tent watching the rain,” Thang shared. There are some difficulties such as it rains a lot, the division of evening activities is also quite inconvenient, but he finds it insignificant. “It’s raining, but everyone is happy and experienced, both children and adults. Everyone takes advantage of the rain and stream baths, to mingle with nature.”

Camping in the rain on holiday
La Ngau campsite in heavy rain. Photo: NVCC

Huynh Ngoc Phuong Linh, 27 years old, with the motto “the more difficult, the more interesting” went camping at the top of Chua Chan mountain – the roof of Dong Nai on April 30. “I don’t want to cancel the trip because of the rain. Instead, I set out with a comfortable mentality to accept all the obstacles that the weather and terrain bring. The whole group was excited on every step because prepared in advance to climb mountains and camp in rainy conditions”, Linh excitedly recalled the trip.

More than imagined, Linh commented that the camping experience in the rain was more wonderful than when it was sunny. According to her, the rain makes it easier for people to connect with each other and support each other. Linh cannot forget the experience of sitting under a tree to rest, take a shower, and then move on.

Phuong Linh (yellow shirt), and everyone set up a tent in the rain. Photo: NVCC

Joining the camping group with Linh is Tam An, 35 years old, quite hesitant when knowing the forecast will rain. However, overcoming psychological obstacles, An still left because he wanted to have a memorable holiday instead of just staying at home. As said, wearing a raincoat to go to the camping site is like experiencing a full-body sauna while it’s freezing cold outside. When they arrived at the camping site on the top, everyone was wet like a rat, taking off their raincoat was a very interesting look. “After that, we set up a tent to camp and eat. It felt like reliving our childhood, about the rainy days without worrying about life,” Phuong Linh confided.

Nguyen Hau, a tour operator for climbing and camping at Chua Chan peak, said that due to the forecast of rain, the number of tour bookings decreased compared to the same period last year. Last year, on April 30, he welcomed 50 guests, this year only 32. “However, there were no last-minute cancellations. There are groups of friends who booked a tour a month in advance and still went,” he said.

Camping team led by Nguyen Hau. Photo: NVCC

Before April 30, the Ba Den mountain area in Tay Ninh rained continuously for many days. This makes Don, Director of Ma Lu Quan Co., Ltd., worried about the experience of guests booking tents at the Ma Lu Quan campsite during the holidays. However, contrary to concerns, the number of customers coming to the restaurant is still crowded. The peak day is 1/5, the campsite welcomes more than 1,400 guests, serving at full capacity. “Several holidays there is still rain but it is not heavy and only scattered throughout the day, not too affecting the experience of guests. My area only recorded a group of 4 people who canceled at the last minute because of fear of rain and wind,” Don shared. shall.

Long holidays seem to make people more “in the rain” to go camping. After stressful working moments, many people want to be in harmony with nature and the rain is also an experience that makes them not want to change their plans. When deciding to go, tourists often keep a happy mentality, and accept and cope with all situations. Cao Thang, Tam An, and Phuong Linh, who decided to go camping in the rain for the holidays, did not regret the decision and all received positive emotions.

However, as Mr. Cao Thang shared, camping in the rain requires good preparation in terms of experience in choosing a location to lower the tent and the tent must be a good rainproof type. If going to a crowded place, there must be a large canvas to serve as a place to eat, drink and gather for everyone in the rain.

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