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Visit the temple of Ba Chua Xu Mountain Sam

AN GIANG – Tens of thousands of people from the western provinces flocked to Ba Chua Xu Temple in Sam mountain, Chau Doc city, to pay tribute on the 4th day of the Lunar New Year.

At noon on the 4th of the Lunar New Year, tens of thousands of people from all over the world flocked to Sam mountain area, Chau Doc city to visit and worship Ba Chua Xu, causing many roads leading to this area to be congested.

On Tan Lo Kieu Luong leading to the foot of Sam mountain, people and cars inched little by little in the midday sun.

In the grounds of Ba Chua Xu Temple, people are crowded with people burning incense and visiting her.

Crowds of people are waiting to worship Ba Chua Xu to ask for blessings and pray at the beginning of the year. Too many people burned incense, so the smoke caused eyes and breathing difficulties for the visiting crowd. The organizers continuously broadcast loudspeakers calling for restrictions on burning incense, preventing bad guys from taking advantage of pickpockets…

People crowded her feet to ask for blessings at the beginning of the year. When coming to the Sam mountain tourist area, everyone wants to see her with their own eyes to worship and pray for the new year as desired.

According to legend, in the early 18th century, when seeing the inspiration of the statue of Ba Chua Xu (located on top of Sam mountain), local people decided to invite the statue to the foot of the mountain to facilitate worship. Since then, visitors from all over the world have come to visit her more and more.

People bring fruit, roasted pig, paper money, votive paper … to offer to Mrs. The number of offerings is too much, the organizers have to take it out one by one when people finish making offerings to save a portion for later people to visit.

“I come here with my friends to pray for a happy new year, my family will be safe and study well,” said Nguyen Le Minh Tho, a 12th grader, from Vinh Long to Chau Doc to see her.

Many people leaned against the wall behind the statue of the Lady with hands clasped in prayer.

Sitting in a corner behind the main hall to rest, Le Trong Vinh said that he and his daughter went from Cao Lanh, Dong Thap to Sam mountain, Chau Doc city to see her. Two people left at 5 o’clock but did not arrive until midday because of traffic jams.

Nearly 10 km from Ba Chua Xu Temple, on DT 953, a long line of cars lined up to cross the Chau Giang ferry to Chau Doc, Sam mountain, to worship Ba at the beginning of the year.

 ( According to vnexpress )

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