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Wild plants from abroad to Vietnam cost millions, and sisters race to buy

This type of plant in foreign countries grows wild around the house, now it is expensive to return to Vietnam.

Wild plants from abroad to Vietnam cost millions, and sisters race to buy

This is a plant that people buy and bring home every Tet holiday.

Winter red peach has the English name Winterberry, in fact, it is just a shrub, a wild tree abroad.

However, when returning to Vietnam, it is labeled as imported, so the price is expensive, from 500,000 VND – 800,000 VND/branch, even up to millions of VND/branch.

In fact, no one plugs 1-2 branches, if you want to have a beautiful vase, you have to plug 5-10 branches, which means 5-6 million VND or more.

When winter red peaches appeared in the Vietnamese market, much Vietnamese thought they were fake flowers because they only saw bright red round buds, without any leaves. 

The price of red peach blossom is not cheap because it is imported directly from abroad.

In addition, flowers must also be stored in cold storage to ensure color and freshness for players, increasing costs.

In addition to the retail branches, there are frozen red peach pots that are sold for 15-20 million VND.($1=25,000 VND) 

Red winter peaches are popular because of their characteristic colors suitable for the Vietnamese Lunar New Year. 

Red symbolizes luck, so many people still buy it for home.

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