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The village in Ha Giang is peaceful through the lens of a Saigon girl

Stuck in the Tay village in Du Gia (Yen Minh, Ha Giang) for nearly 4 months, 20-year-old girl Huynh Ngoc Linh Giao has recorded the natural and human scenes here, all of which are picturesque. .

Du Gia village in Yen Minh district is a fairly new place on the tourist map of Ha Giang, but for those who love to explore, especially young people, the name Du Gia is not too far away. strange.

Huynh Ngoc Linh Giao (born in 2001) in Ho Chi Minh City has set foot in Du Gia many times. This village attracts urban girls through its peaceful and unspoiled beauty with majestic natural landscapes.

Last April, the Saigon girl returned to Du Gia to soothe her soul after a series of stressful days of studying and working. But due to the epidemic situation, Ho Chi Minh City is implementing social distancing, so Giao has been stuck here for nearly 4 months.

The village in Ha Giang is peaceful through the lens of a Saigon girl
Giao said that in Ha Giang in general and Du Gia in particular, every season is beautiful. Each season gives us a different array of colors.
However, the most ideal time to visit Du Gia is summer. Then you will enjoy the lush green colors of the rice fields and cornfields.
The beauty of the valley with the stilt roofs of the Tay people nestled at the foot of the mountain, surrounded by a cool green stream and terraced fields like beautiful waves of rice.
All have created a Du Gia with pristine beauty full of charm, peace to the heart, and a living space rich in the cultural colors of the Tay people.
The Tay village in Du Gia is a place where tourists find peaceful moments. Visitors can walk or cycle on the small village roads, winding around the fields to find a sense of relaxation. While walking, you can see the rice fields.
Stopping in Du Gia, visitors can also admire the local culture with a bold identity.
The Tay ethnic people here still retain the traditional method of catching fish to preserve this “given” resource. In particular, all Tay women often have a way of catching fish with their skirts to impress tourists.

Local people often prepare dishes with a rich aftertaste to serve tourists such as crispy fried stream fish, fried spring fish with sour bamboo shoots, Ban pork, five-color sticky rice, wild bamboo shoots, corn wine…

Tham Luong Waterfall, a check-in place not to be missed when coming to Du Gia. Follow Dan trí

Photo: Huynh Ngoc Linh Giao

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