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Catching big fish under the flood overflow of Ke Go lake

HA TINH – Lake Ke Go stopped flooding, dozens of people in Cam Xuyen district brought nets to release, catching from 10 to more than 400 kg of fish under the Doc Mieu spillway.

In the past two days, after Ke Go lake in Cam My commune, Cam Xuyen district, stopped flooding, dozens of people in the downstream area used wooden boats or car tires to row out into the middle of the water at Doc Mieu spillway about 2,000 m2 wide. fishing net.

At the time when the Ke Go lake released the flood, the fish were swept away by the current, when they got out of the lake, they were tired and stayed in the pool at the Doc Mieu spillway. They use a large net, about one meter high, following each group of 3-4 people to catch.

Set the trap for about 5 minutes, the “hunter” will hold the racket, raise the net to remove the fish. The accompanying person will bring a racket or a bag containing the fish and bring it to the shore.

Many people put the fish in a net bag, dip it in the water and tie it to a grove of trees or rocks to keep the fish from dying.

The fish at the spillway are mainly sesame, when caught, they are placed in the rock hole, unable to escape. Some people use the bark of the melaleuca tree to tie the fish from the gills to the mouth and place it on the shore.

Mr. Nguyen Van Truong (left corner) and Mr. Nguyen Hoai Nhan (living in Cam My commune) boasted that they were all three sharks weighing tens of kilograms after 20 minutes of releasing the net. “The average fish here weighs 3 kg each, some large fish weigh 10 kg, the price is 20,000-80,000 VND a kg,” Nhan said.

Families mobilize members to put fish in bags, then carry it ashore for consumption.

Fish in Ke Go lake live in a freshwater environment, firm meat, when sold at markets in the Ha Tinh area, are popular with many people.

In one day, casting nets under the flood spillway, at least one group caught 20 kg of fish, many of which were nearly 400 kg, earning a profit from 200,000 VND to nearly one million VND.

“This is a rare opportunity for us to take advantage of the opportunity to earn extra income,” said one resident.

Ke Go Lake discharges flood at 5am on October 17 with a flow of 10-80 m3/s to prevent heavy rain due to the influence of cold air and tropical convergence.

Catching fish under the flood overflow of Ke Go lake. 

Ke Go Lake consists of one main dam and 10 auxiliary dams with a capacity of more than 300 million m3, making it one of the largest dams in the country. Before storms or heavy rains, the lake often discharges water through the Doc Mieu spillway to ensure the safety of the lake and dam and avoid flooding downstream. The discharge volume will adjust according to the evolution of the weather. Follow vnexpress

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