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Young families renew their summer vacation by trekking Luu Ly waterfall near HCMC

Small families are flocking to trekking at a waterfall near HCMC.

This summer, many families planning short-term or long-term vacations prefer to choose locations close to nature. However, instead of choosing for their children to go on a vacation, many families prefer to choose this type of trekking so that their children can both change their living space, leave the stuffy city, and discover nature. endurance exercise.

And Luu Ly waterfall is one of the trekking places that caught the “blue eyes” of many “parent associations” for their children to experience. Just search for the name of this waterfall on social networks, you will easily come across a series of pictures of small children trekking to explore the waterfall with their parents.

Photo: Bu Gia Map journey

Hidden deep in Bu Gia Map National Park, about 200km from Ho Chi Minh City, Luu Ly Waterfall is likened to a sleeping girl because of its gentle and poetic beauty. The waterfall has a height of about 10m with 2 floors and a natural swimming pool. Around the waterfall is surrounded by the green color of ancient wooden forests, scattered under the stream are rocks with many different shapes, creating an extremely dreamy, escapist scene, making anyone Everyone who comes here feels like they are lost in a fairyland.

To reach the waterfall, you have to go through a primeval forest that is almost completely untouched. This is an opportunity for children to discover more about different species of flora and fauna in the forest. In particular, here is the basin terrain, so it is not too steep, there are few dangerous areas with the total distance of only about 8 – 12km, very suitable for young children who are trying their hand at walking for the first time. When it comes to trekking, it is easy to understand why this waterfall has received such attention from so many families.

Photo: Bu Gia Map journey


From Ho Chi Minh City, you can move to Bu Gia Map National Park by motorbike or bus. If you ride a motorbike, you run in the direction of QL13 to Binh Duong and turn right to go to Phu Giao when near Dai Nam tourist area. After going through this stretch of road, you turn left at the roundabout and continue to run straight in the direction of Phuoc Long town.

In addition to motorbikes, you can also take a bus to save time. At the Eastern bus station, there are many bus companies to Bu Gia Map for you to choose from, but you should choose the Chin Teo bus at ticket counter 58 because the bus will stop right at the national park. Ticket price is about 90,000 VND/pax.

Blocking the trekking route

To start the trekking journey, first, you have to go to Bu Gia Map forest protection station to buy tickets to go inside. After about 2 hours trekking through the forest, you will reach Dak Ka stream. The trekking route through the forest is quite easy, so children can both walk and explore the extremely diverse ecosystem here. 

However, the way to Dak Ca stream will also have sections to wade through the stream, so to ensure the safety of the baby, parents can move slowly or ask a professional guide to carry the children to ensure safety. safe guarantee. Arriving at Dak Ka stream, you can take advantage of rest, eat and drink to gain strength to continue trekking deep into the jungle to reach Luu Ly Waterfall.

If your children are quite old, you can schedule an appointment with local guides to take them. On the contrary, if the children are still small, you should choose to register for a family tour for the best support. Currently, there are many trekking tours to discover Luu Ly waterfall, depending on your needs, you can refer to choose the right trekking tour for your family.

Photo: Bu Gia Map’s journey, Steven Nguyen

Interesting activities at Luu Ly waterfall

Learn about the life of the S’Tieng people

Before starting the journey of trekking Luu Ly waterfall, you can visit the long house of the S’tieng people at the National Park office and pass through the villages of the S’tieng ethnic group. The S’tieng ethnic group has a small scale compared to other ethnic groups in our country, living for a long time in the Truong Son – Central Highlands and the Southeast region, concentrated in Binh Phuoc province. 

Visiting and learning about this ethnic group will give the children the opportunity to learn more about the cultural identities and customs of the ethnic groups other than the Kinh.

Photo: Bu Gia Map journey

Explore the ecosystem in Bu Gia Map National Park

Because Luu Ly waterfall is located in Bu Gia Map National Park, during the journey to discover this waterfall, you will have the opportunity to learn about Bu Gia Map National Park. It is known that Bu Gia Map forest has a forest area of ​​26032ha with more than 1000 different species of flora and fauna, especially, many species are also included in the Red Book, extremely rare, for children to explore, learn and learn. new knowledge from the trip. 

Check-in Dak Ka stream

To reach Luu Ly waterfall, you must trek along Dak Ka stream. Thanks to that, the whole family had the opportunity to explore this picturesque stream. Walk along the thatched grass along the stream, feel the cool water, listen to the birdsong… making the children’s journey more poetic and attractive.

During your stay at Dak Ka stream, you can teach children to fish in the stream. Learning to fish will help children improve their health, practice flexibility and patience. On both sides of the stream are hundreds of years old trees, roots clinging to the rocks, plus rotten branches covered with moss lying along the road, bringing a sense of peace and relaxation. 

Photo: Bu Gia Map journey

Bathing in Luu Ly waterfall

Not majestic, magnificent or lying on the high mountains like other waterfalls, Luu Ly waterfall is only about 10m high with 2 small floors, the gentle and gentle flow winding along the ravines has created a a dreamlike picture of a fairyland. Because the flow is not too strong, it is very suitable for the whole family to bathe and play in the stream while still being safe. However, to ensure the safety of the baby, parents should still let their children wear life jackets.

Standing under the flow of the waterfall, you will feel like you are getting a very comfortable hydromassage. After a tiring trekking journey under the hot summer sun, bathing in the stream will help your spirit to be refreshed and extremely relaxing.

Photo: Bu Gia Map journey

Camping activities

Setting up tents to sit in the old forest, everyone gathers together to listen to the S’Tieng ethnic people introduce about their magical life in the wild, about animals and plants, and enjoy the beautiful scenery. The food of the S’Tieng people in the wild space will be one of the new, interesting and rewarding experiences during the children’s trip. 

Moreover, the beautiful scenery here is not only suitable for playing, sitting and resting, but also ideal for taking a lot of “virtual live” photos.

Photo: Bu Gia Map journey

Things to note when conquering K50 . waterfall

Regarding clothes, you need to prepare comfortable clothes, hats, raincoats and sports shoes. Costumes should be long-sleeved clothes to avoid mosquitoes, insect bites, grass fans when moving, … In addition, you should bring a jacket because in the forest at night there will be dew, so it will be quite cold.

Regarding food, you should prepare enough food and water for the whole journey because this place is a wild mountain forest, so there will be no next station. Regarding medicine, you should bring all kinds of cold and fever medicine… and anti-mosquito and insect repellant cream.

Besides the necessary items, you also need to prepare other items such as climbing sticks, flashlights, lighters, tents, camps, knives… if you intend to camp overnight and go in large groups. to make sure you can adapt to any situation.

Note, if there are too young children to go with, book a tour with an experienced tour guide. To ensure that the child can keep up with the progress of the group, parents should exercise with their children before the trip to practice health, endurance, and endurance.

Photo: Steven Nguyen

Reference cost

Because this place has not been promoted to tourism, if you go self-sufficient, you will not be charged any costs. However, you will have to prepare everything yourself, suitable for families with children aged 10 years or older, or children who have participated in trekking before.

Conversely, if you sign up for a tour, the cost will range from 2,000,000 to 3,000,000 VND/pax. Although the price is slightly higher than self-sufficiency, you will be supported by an enthusiastic guide tour, fully provided with camping equipment, qualified medical equipment and equipped with necessary skills … suitable for your needs. families with children under 10 years old or children joining in trekking with their parents for the first time.

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