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Amazed at the shape of a super plant that has been raised for 12 years, the giants paid millions of dollars and did not sell it

Super bonsai known as the ‘first in the South’ is a tree taken from the foothills of Sam mountain with a lifespan of several hundred years. It is an extremely rare ornamental plant, so it is priceless.

Recently, on social networks, they shared about a strange potted landscape of a couple in Binh Duong. Business and Marketing reflect, not only the appearance and beauty but also the price of the pot with the name “first in the South” is also noticeable.

Amazed at the shape of a super plant that has been raised for 12 years, the giants paid millions of dollars and did not sell it

The owner of the potted plant said that this tree is about 3.3m high, with a natural shape. “It takes a lot of enthusiasm to make a bonsai for a tree of this size. If talking about the size of the tree in the largest pot in Vietnam, this tree is number 1”, the husband confided.

Because the shape and leaves are quite similar to the Bodhi tree, many people have seen the tree and mistook it for the Bodhi tree. However, according to the owner of the pot, the bark of the tree is very smooth and the leaves are beautiful, if you look closely you will see the difference.

Talking about the fate of owning this special tree, the husband said that at first the canopy was very large, when it was for sale, up to 8 people asked to buy it but couldn’t pull the tree back, until he was the owner. Only the 9th person can transport. When brought back, the tree was re-shaped as it is.

The tree is taken from the foothills of Sam mountain (Chau Doc, An Giang), and has been planted in the family’s garden for 12 years. The lifespan of this tree can be more than 200 years. At that time, the couple sold the Camry to have money to buy this tree. Currently, the couple has given the tree a price of 60 billion VND, someone has paid 40 billion VND but has not sold it.($1=25,000 VND)

“Currently, there are many trees that are not as beautiful as this one, but are still given a hundred billion because the owner really does not want to sell. Previously, there was a guest who was the owner of an orchid garden in Saigon who paid a price of 40 billion but not yet. I also wait if they agree from now until Tet, then I will sell it, if not, it will be considered as unlucky, “said the husband.

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