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People catch fish when the dam runs dry

HA TINH – People in Viet Tien commune, Thach Ha district use a net more than 100 m long to catch fish when the Tram dam runs dry.

Tram Dam is located in Tram village, Viet Tien commune, Thach Ha district. The dam is about 270,000 m2 wide, 4 m deep, providing irrigation water for agricultural production for Viet Tien commune and some surrounding areas.

The dam usually dries up in the summer every year, the water level is 4 m deep and drops to 1 m. From the end of July until now, at the beginning of the morning every day, local people go in groups of about 5-7 people, carrying nets over 100 m long and 2 m high, swooping down the dam in an arc and then slowly pulling it to the shore to catch fish.

At 6 a.m. on August 6, a group of 5 people in Tram village gathered to stand in vertical rows at both ends of the net, narrowing the arc to prevent the fish from escaping.

When the net pulled close to the shore, Mr. Dinh Phuc Nam had to crawl behind the bottom of the net to catch some big fish, in case they swim into the gap in the net to escape.

One catch of nets takes about 40 minutes, in the morning a group pulls about 3-4 batches. The removal of fish from the net took place right on the edge of the dam, many family members of the people involved in the trawl came out to help.

With some large fish, people have to carefully remove them to avoid tearing the net and the fish not being scaled.

Fish are put in bamboo baskets, then watered to clear the mud. Each session, people catch tens of kilograms, including some large fish such as carp, carp, climbing, weighing from 0.5-3 kg.

Small fish mainly tilapia. Many fish that are too small after being caught in the net are removed by people and released back to the dam.

When near the end of a catch, many people standing on the bank ran down to the dam to bring sacks and plastic buckets to ask for small fish such as tilapia and female fish.

In the morning, Mr. Dinh Phuc Nam’s group caught two climbing fish weighing 2-3 kg. Climbing fish is bought by some villagers right on the dam bank, priced at 120,000 VND per kg.

At noon, after pulling 3 batches, people fold the nets, put them in the boat and take them home. “At this time, we have to take advantage of the pull, because in the near future when it rains heavily and the water rises, we can’t do it,” said Mr. Nam.

The fish caught in the morning are shared by Mr. Nam’s group of people to use, with the big ones sold.

Some species such as carp and carp are sold along the inter-commune road, priced at 20,000 to 50,000 VND per kg.

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