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The flowers that ‘hibernate’ every New Year are ‘sold out’, no matter what the price is, you can buy them

If you take the effort to take care of it, this flower will bloom to brighten up the family space on New Year’s Day

In the past few years, the market for fresh flowers and ornamental plants has become exciting with the introduction of many unique flowers, ready to serve everyone in the early spring of the new year. Among them are forest flowers with small, slender branches, and tiny green leaves dotted with white flowers named snow apricot.

Although it has not appeared for a long time, the attraction of apricot snow flowers is extremely “hot”, every New Year comes, it sells as expensive as hot cakes, chosen by women to decorate their homes.

The flowers that ‘hibernate’ every New Year are ‘sold out’, no matter what the price is, you can buy them

Snow apricot flowers, which originate from China, usually bloom in early spring. The beauty of this flower lies in the ethereal, gentle colors of the pretty white flowers and green leaves. When blooming, snow apricot flowers also have a gentle, pleasant scent bearing the beauty of the mountains and forests.

There are two types of apricot snow on the market today: forest apricot snow and normal apricot snow. On the occasion of Tet, the forest apricot snow will be more popular with customers because the shape is more curved and soft when plugged in to create a softer and more adventurous look.

Snow apricot flower branches have a length of 90 cm – 1.2m with different curvature and straightness. When purchased, they are just dried branches, but if cared for carefully, the flower buds will sprout, creating an extremely attractive and eye-catching whole, the durability can last from 3-4 weeks.

How to choose apricot snowflakes 

If you don’t want to waste time waiting and caring, when buying flowers, you should choose branches that have both buds and small flowers that grow enough from top to bottom. If you choose the branches that have bloomed a lot, the flowers will quickly fade, the time to play flowers is not long.

In addition, you should also give priority to curved flower branches, pointed ends with winding shapes to make flower arrangements more beautiful and soft. You can also buy 2 or more bundles to make them full and jubilant on New Year’s Eve.

How to keep flowers fresh

After buying snow apricot, use a sharp knife to split the root in half or quarter (depending on the size of the branch) with a length of about 3-5 cm. You should put apricot snow in tall vases to create a standing pose for the branches.

To bloom quickly, you need to use a mist watering can to spray on branches and buds. It is possible to change the water every 3-4 days, when the flowers have bloomed evenly, the frequency of water changes should be reduced. If flowers are slow to bloom, you can arrange flowers with warm water, mixed with B1 tablets or crushed Aspirin to stimulate flowering.

With just a few weeks left until Tet, you should choose to buy apricot snow from now on so that the flowers bloom on the right occasion, contributing to creating a luxurious, ethereal and relaxed family space at the beginning of the year.

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