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Image of the largest beach fish market in Central Vietnam

Tam Tien marine fish market, Nui Thanh District, Quang Nam is one of the largest beach fish markets in Central Central. Every day, the fish market receives 250 ships and creates jobs for nearly 500 workers.

Tam Tien sea fish market, Hoa Loc village, Tam Tien commune, Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam meets from 4:30 to 7-8 am every day. Previously, the Tam Tien fish market was just an ordinary fish market of local fishermen spontaneously trading on the beach every day. From 2015 onwards, this fish market began to thrive, fishermen and small traders gathered to trade in large numbers.

According to people, the fish market begins to gather at the beginning of February of the lunar calendar and lasts until July and August of the lunar calendar every year. During the market season, every morning, there are 200-250 large and small fishing boats anchored a few hundred meters from the shore, then use baskets of bottles to bring seafood to the shore and sell it to small businesses.

The fish market wholesales all kinds of fish caught by fishermen every day. Local boats, large and small, set sail from the previous afternoon until about 4 am the next morning. What fishers catch and sell that fish, the price depends on the market. Fish from this market spread to all localities in Quang Nam province, even fresh fish are transported by refrigerated trucks to markets in Da Nang and into Quang Ngai.

Ms. Huong – a small trader with nearly 10 years of trading in this fish market said that she has been attached to this fish market since 2014-2015. Every day she wakes up at about 4am. When she and her husband went to the market, it was time for boats to dock to bring in fresh fish. After buying wholesale, she and her husband drove each other to the Tien Phuoc district to catch the people’s market in the morning.

With the capital spent 5-10 million dong to buy wholesale fish, she and her husband make a profit of 500-700 thousand dong every day. With this profit, she and her husband also take care of the family, raise children to eat and study. “In general, the business is also temporary, just a little bit is to get up early to go to the sea to buy fish and then take it to the market. This job, my wife and I are used to it, we miss it when we are busy with work,” Ms. Huong said. share.

Tran Hai Nam, Vice Chairman of Tam Tien Commune, said that in the past, the fish market was a spontaneous market of local fishermen, gradually the market became famous, so small traders in other localities such as Tam Ky city. At the end of the trade, the number has now reached hundreds of people.

According to Vice Chairman of Tam Tien commune, every morning, 200-250 boats, large and small, anchor a few hundred meters from the shore and then transport fish to shore by baskets of bottles. On the shore, there are nearly 350 small traders available on the shore to buy fish.

In addition to nearly 350 small traders directly buying fish, the market also has a labor force of about 150 people. These workers carry out the work of carrying fish, transporting fish from basket boats to shore, helping small businesses pack fish into crates. In addition, there are dozens of people selling vegetables, tubers, fruits, clothes, household items … “eat along” the market.

Vice Chairman of Tam Tien commune said that a work session at the market only takes a few hours, each worker earns about 300,000 VND. With about 500 workers at the market, each season, the workers also bring in a large amount of cash.($1=24,000 VND)

Tam Tien sea fish market is just a spontaneous trading place of local people, the goods are mainly seafood. Although it is a spontaneous seafood market, it is the largest seafood purchasing hub of Quang Nam province and the Central Central region. The market is imbued with a primitive and rustic beauty like the hearts of the coastal people. In the photo: Women carrying fish at the market.

The sea fish market meets right on the beach. The market not only attracts people to trade and seasonal workers, many tourists also come to the market to visit and explore.

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