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At 0 o’clock at night in Saigon 19 degrees of 5 18-year-old female students

0h. The five girls’ motorbikes circled the streets. Every car has a jacket covering the front of the car, the person in the back also holds a wrap …
At 0 o’clock at night in Saigon 19 degrees of 5 18-year-old female students

Phuong Linh’s group stopped to give warm clothes to an old lady on Phan Dang Luu Street (Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City) – Photo: VO THUY

Phuong Linh, Phuong Quynh, Hang Nga, Kim Lieu and Faridah are all 18 years old, in the same class at a continuing education center in Phu Nhuan district.

Riding three motorbikes, each one put a jacket in front of the car, the person in the back also hugged another one, seeing the figure of people lying down, squatting on the side of the road, they pulled over. The group was “escorted” by Phuong Linh, a “street knight” of the Phu Nhuan district.

“Do you need warm clothes, madam. We have a lot of warm clothes,” said Le Phuong Linh, running up next to an old lady sitting on the corner of Phan Dinh Phung Street (Phu Nhuan District). The old lady was only wearing a braided shirt and was trying to shield it with a raincoat.

Three cars pulled together, “showing goods” for the old woman to try. “Is there a black one for you to try?” Mrs. Ngoc (64 years old) tried on the shirt while asking the girls.

She said she lived by collecting cicadas and staying at a dormitory recently, but she had to wait until midnight every day to get plastic bottles from a nearby “termite” cafe.

Stop in another corner where two little girls are sleeping, all five people rush to get off the bus because there are five people: two girls and three women. Gia Bao – the name of the 3-year-old girl – was still sleepy, but she obediently let the sisters put on some colorful coats.

Ms. Dieu Thuy – Gia Bao’s mother – was also quick to choose one and happily thanked. “I picked up bottles and sold them to make money. Gia Bao is my son, and the older child is Thuy, 8 years old, the daughter of my sister left me to raise,” she said.

For more than an hour, five girls rode through the streets to hand warm clothes to those in need. Most of them are old men and women who collect cicadas living on the streets.

“My house is also in this area (Phu Nhuan district). It has been cold these days, seeing my grandparents huddling in the middle of the night, so I went to find places to buy old clothes to send them to them,” Linh said. She also buys second hand from time to time so she knows a good selling point and immediately buys a large package of all kinds. “I thought it would be night time, because a cold night would be painful,” she said.

Linh said the next night will continue to go more areas in District 6, District 1 …

The whole group “displays goods” for the women to choose from – Photo: VU THUY

An old man riding a bicycle on the road happily try on his shirt – Photo: VO THUY

The old man seemed very pleased when he chose a suit jacket – Photo: V: THUY

These days, the central provinces are also cold, many children go to school lacking warm clothes, so the Co Bon La volunteer group has coordinated with some other volunteer groups to implement the program “Warm clothes”.

120,000 sweatshirts will be brought to a number of schools in remote areas in the central provinces that have been affected by the recent flood disaster. Warm shirts were worn for the students to ease the freezing cold on their daily way to school.

Also giving the children gifts of warm clothes, Purple Journey Club also coordinates with many young volunteer groups from Ho Chi Minh City to go to Ha Giang to share the cold with children in remote mountainous areas.

Friends Le Thi Thanh Thuy said: “We adults are still frozen because of the coldness of the mountains. Children, limbs, and face are red because of the cold. Wearing warm clothes makes them feel warm inside. “.


Students in Ha Giang come to receive warm clothes from Purple Journey Club in cold days – Photo: CK

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