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Come to Thanh Hoa to see the beautiful Au Vinh An stream like a historical movie in the fall

Besides the clear, poetic Pu Luong or the beautiful Kim Son scenic spot like Trang An, Thanh Hoa also “fascinates” visitors by the romantic and charming scenery of Au Vinh An stream.

Where is Au Vinh An Stream?

Suoi Au is a swamp located in Vinh An commune, Vinh Loc district, Thanh Hoa province, about 35km from Thanh Hoa city center and about 150km south of Hanoi city.

Because this stream is located in the only area in Thanh Hoa where young trees are grown, it has been affectionately named “au stream” by local people. Perhaps partly because the name is so unique and partly because this stream flows through the famous Kim Son scenic complex near and far, it is becoming a top tourist attraction in Thanh Hoa.

Come to Thanh Hoa to see the beautiful Au Vinh An stream like a historical movie in the fall
The gentle stream in the heart of Thanh Hoa (Photo:

Experience the dreamy beauty of Au Vinh An stream

As soon as they arrived at Au stream , visitors were captivated by the quiet water winding as soft as silk, embracing the majestic rocky mountains and bathing in the warm rays of the sun, painting a young picture. The country is charming and strangely poetic.

A gentle stream winding around the mountain (FB photo of Kim Son scenic spot)

Both sides of the stream are planted with two rows of majestic ancient trees like musketeers protecting the peace of this place day and night. In the summer, the rows of green trees gracefully reflect under the water, and in the fall, the leaves turn bright yellow, combined with the gentle sunbeams weaving through the trees to give the stream a shimmering beauty. strangely magical and magical.

At this time, if you invest in a costume, you will be sure that when you show up, you will be no different from the ladies or the princes in the historical fairy tales that we often watch on TV.

Virtual life is as beautiful as a historical movie (Photo FB Phuc Trinh)

However, if you want to fully enjoy the beauty of Au Vinh An stream , you must definitely try the feeling of floating on a boat down the water, breathing deeply each fresh scent of nature while watching the beautiful scenery. strange shapes of trees and caves under the water in each cool breeze blowing, oh, happiness is sometimes that simple.

Boat ride is the most worth-trying experience at the stream (Photo FB Trinh Hong Van)

Especially in the season of water lilies in full bloom, the lake’s surface is pink, combined with the mist that has not yet dissipated on the surface of the water, we will feel like we are lost in a dreamy, fanciful fairyland. so romantic.

Water lily season is as beautiful as a fairy (Photo FB Trinh Xuan Luc)

Visiting Au stream in Thanh Hoa, in addition to sightseeing cruises or taking virtual photos, visitors can also sit on the banks of the stream to fish, join the locals in rowing boats to pick the larva, then bring it to boil and enjoy the sweet taste of it. filled with childhood memories of boiled baby food, then bought as gifts for relatives and friends, it will definitely be a memory that you can’t forget.

Besides, you also do not forget to enjoy the specialties that are rustic but extremely delicious here such as: boiled hill chicken, braised carp with melon, fried bitter bamboo shoots, banana leaf cork wine or coconut gear… I can’t stop eating and racing.

Before returning, you should also visit the ancient sacred Linh Ung pagoda, the mysterious Tien Son cave or the peaceful Dong Mon ancient village…right near Au Vinh An stream for the most perfect and memorable trip to Thanh Hoa . Please.

The mysterious Tien Son cave near the stream (Photo Facebook Snow Bang)

How to get to Au Vinh An stream?

To get to Au Vinh An stream , you ride a motorbike or car along National Highway 1A, to Ha Trung district, turn right onto National Highway 217, when meeting the section of handicraft furniture production, turn left according to the signposts. It’s okay to go to Linh Ung Pagoda. If you find it difficult to find the way, besides google maps, you can just ask the locals on the way, they will surely enthusiastically guide you. 

The ideal time to visit Au Vinh An stream

Although each time  Au Thanh Hoa stream will have its own beauty, the most attractive is probably in autumn, because at this time the air is cooler and airier and the trees along the stream begin to change leaves to blend with the mountains. The mountains and rivers create a poetic and romantic scene like a Chinese historical film.

Moreover, this is also the time when water lilies on the water begin to bloom, dyeing a stream pink, along with the image of people rowing boats on the water to harvest tubers, painting a picture just right. both lyrical and affectionate, making travelers who set foot fall in love immediately.

Dreamy autumn by the stream (Photo FB Quyen Trinh)

In addition, you can also travel to Au Vinh An stream in the summer to enjoy the cool breezes of nature and heaven – something that a prosperous city can have.

Some notes when visiting Au Vinh An stream

– Traveling to Au Vinh Loc stream mainly requires using a boat, so please wear neat and comfortable clothes for easy movement. And in the case of wearing a flowing and flowing skirt to take pictures, you should bring clothes to avoid getting dirty, there is also a change of clothes.

– Should hire a local tour guide to be able to discover the best of the stream, they will certainly be happy to help you.

Wear neat clothes when sailing (Photo FB Pham Ngoc)

The city outside is so busy, I carry my backpack to Au Vinh An stream in Thanh Hoa to immerse myself in nature, peaceful and poetic heaven and earth.

Photo: Internet

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