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Trekking Hang En waterfall in the middle of the great Gia Lai

Hang En waterfall is like a white silk strip in the middle of the wild mountains and forests, is a destination for travel enthusiasts to experience.

Hang En waterfall, where the Con river is located at the border between Gia Lai and Binh Dinh provinces, belongs to K’bang district (Gia Lai). This is a tourist destination not for the faint of heart, if you want to conquer, you must have a guide, because the trekking-hiking trail is dangerous with potential threats in the middle of the “deep mountain and cup. “.

In mid-March, a group of photographers Gia Lai and colleagues formed a team to conquer this Hang En waterfall with the guidance of rangers. These are the territories that have experience in navigating the Kon Chu Rang Nature Reserve (K’bang district, Gia Lai district).

This conservation area has about 15,900 hectares of special-use forest, has a transitional ecosystem between the East and West of the Truong Son range, so the flora and fauna are diverse. The buffer zone of the reserve also has cozy roofs in the village bearing the indigenous culture of the Ba Na people.

There are over 10 waterfalls here, but the most beautiful and majestic is Hang En waterfall, or 50 often called waterfall. The registration procedure with the management board of the reserve to get to Hang En waterfall takes place quickly.

Before departure, the group had to prepare tents, sleeping bags, food and drink for the two-day and one-night journey. The must-have items not to be forgotten are hiking shoes or spring shoes, jungle gear and a light jacket. One of the things to keep in mind is to keep an eye on the weather. From March to June is an ideal time with warm, dry weather to explore the falls. The group goes to have the porter assistance of the posters.
Phan Nguyen, a photographer in Gia Lai, said that after starting from the Forest Protection Station of the reserve, it took the team about three hours to travel on a plow motorbike to the Trai Bo area (photo), a large meadow. Pristine people have built houses for cultivation. This is also the first point for the trekking journey through Kon Chu Rang.

The dedicated plow motorbike transporting the convoy can “sweep” all obstacles in the dangerous forest runway. Sitting on a bumpy car is one of the most impressive moments on the journey.
The group took advantage of the scene of the surrounding pristine mountains and forests, suddenly shouted when the members of the group shouted when they were hit by worms, worms or strangely shaped beetles clinging to the branches of the forest leaves. when the car passed by.

Conquering Hang En waterfall, the group of visitors had to “climb the pass to wade streams” because in the middle of the forest, there are only trails weaving in dense leafy trees, wading through streams or steep rocky slopes. On the way to move, it is easy to encounter snakes or squeeze leaves. The distance from Trai Bo area to Hang En waterfall is nearly 5 km.

According to photographer Tran Bao Hoa (Dak Lak), the hardest part is climbing over the 60-degree slope with a distance of about 500 m, in addition, the team has to use anti-slip sticks when passing through the marshy area.

Trekking Hang En waterfall in the middle of the great Gia Lai

In the wet, swampy forest areas, even though the members are equipped with tight clothes, the woolly wrenches still stick and suck up blood. In the photo, the child is full of blood after “crawling” into a tent and biting a member of the crew.

After a day through the jungle, the group began to camp when sunset fell. Camping overnight here is an enjoyable experience in the middle of where there is no phone signal, no wifi.

Cooking fire, the smell of kitchen smoke, the fragrant smell of roast pork. Everyone together sharing and squeezed rice in the forest. This is also the ideal time to watch the stars at night and immerse yourself in the characteristic late night cold of windy highlands.

In the early morning, the echo of the waterfall flowing in the middle of the nearby thousands urged the group to go, even though it seemed to be damp. Everyone took advantage of cleaning up the leftover items and rubbish last night so as not to pollute the environment. After that, the members did their personal hygiene, quickly ate cup noodles and followed the mountain slope down to the foot of the waterfall to admire the majestic beauty of Hang En waterfall.

In the dry season, the waterfall stream is not much, but the group has to say two “monumental” voices with the waterfall as white silk. 

Hang En waterfall is a “work of art” of the creator that makes visitors feel like they are lost in a dream, creating inspiration for photographers to unleash their passion for creation.

From a distance, Hang En waterfall has a height of about 50 m, in the dry season, the width of the waterfall fluctuates 20-30 m, the currents are strong vertically creating fog and rainbow. The foot of the waterfall, the rock blocks with many multifaceted shapes, stacked to form imposing steps between the silver-blue water, dimly in the water.

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