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Gia Lai is not only Bien Ho

Coming to Gia Lai, visitors can admire the majestic K50 waterfall, Chu Se pink grass hill or enjoy the bustling gong festival on Da mountain.

Pham Cong Quy (28 years old), a native of Gia Lai, works as a freelance photographer and tour guide, regularly reviews famous landmarks and new destinations in Gia Lai on the Pleiku – Gia Lai Tourism group.

On August 8, Cong Quy went to the pink grass hill in cold weather on the top of Chu Se pass, bordering the two districts of Chu Se, Phu Thien and Gia Lai. The photo is part of a series of photos taken by Quy in recent years with bright colors, majestic and poetic landscapes in the hope of bringing optimism to viewers during the epidemic season.

Quy is passionate about photography and travel because through the process of going to many places to take pictures, he realizes how beautiful his hometown is, thereby loving and appreciating the life around him more.

Huyen, living in Pleiku, took a souvenir photo in front of the landscape of Chu Se terraced fields that are turning yellow this August. This is a terraced field that is said to be as beautiful as the Northern highlands. For many generations, the Jrai ethnic people living here have improved the land around the hillside to form terraces to expand the cultivation area and intensively cultivate wet rice.

The lake of tea in Chu Pah district is fanciful in the white mist. Located on the north shore of Bien Ho, Bien Ho tea is the name Pleiku people named this place, a combination of an irrigation lake and immense tea fields. This is also the first tea plantation of the French in Gia Lai, formed in the 20s of the last century.

Referring to the mountain town of Pleiku, tourists often mention the beauty of Bien Ho, also known as T’Nung Lake, associated with the song “Pleiku eyes are full of Lake”. In the dry season, the lakeside gradually exposes the red basalt soil strips and the rhythm of fishermen’s lives on the lake surface, bringing a peaceful picture of “one of the most beautiful natural lakes in the Central Highlands”.

The majestic Yaly hydroelectric project is located on the green Sesan river, surrounded by forests and mountains. On this tourist route, visitors take a boat on the Se San River, admire the scenery of the Central Highlands’ mountains and forests, and combine with visiting the Jrai ethnic village.

Hang En waterfall (or K50) is famous on Gia Lai tourist map in recent years, located in Kon Chu Rang Nature Reserve, K’bang district. Hang En waterfall is 50 m high with a strong flow, white foam, at the foot of the waterfall are stacked stone blocks. The photo above was taken in March 2021 when he first came here, he was overwhelmed by the grandeur of the landscape with a silver waterfall like a white silk strip.

Gia Lai owns many beautiful waterfalls, of which Phu Cuong waterfall in Ia Pal commune, Chu Se district, is considered as the “first waterfall in Gia Lai”. From the administrative center of Chu Se, visitors turn left along Highway 25 about 5 km to see a sign indicating the way to the waterfall.

Notably, Phu Cuong waterfall flows on the background of a volcano that has stopped working millions of years ago. Giant water columns falling from a height of 45 m echo in a corner of the forest, if you are lucky you will catch the moment when a rainbow appears at the foot of the waterfall.

“While hunting for pictures of the forest with yellow and red leaves in the afternoon sun, when I saw a boy leading the cows back, childhood memories suddenly appeared in an emotional frame,” Quy shared.

Children play innocently in the countryside scene in Ayun commune, Chu Se district. This is one of Quy’s most memorable photos, taken in 2015, the motivation to pursue his passion for photography.

Wild sunflowers blooming in November 2020 on both sides of the road to visit Chu Dang Ya volcano. Traveling here, visitors can easily get acquainted with the Jrai people in Ia Gri village located at the foot of the mountain.

“When the storm had just passed, the fragile wild sunflowers lay down quite a lot, sad because of such a landscape, suddenly met three Jrai boys riding bicycles, the scene became lively so I quickly grabbed the moment. their lovely carvings”, Quy shared the memory.

A girl in a Dao costume in Chu Prong. In Chu Prong district, there are 18 ethnic groups living (including Dao people), in which Kinh and Jrai ethnic groups make up the majority. Ethnic groups living together in Chu Prong district create an area rich in identity, cultural diversity and ethnicity.

Traditional activities, performing gongs of the Jrai people on Da mountain at sunset. Da Mountain is about 6 km from the intersection of Pleiku bypass, about 830 m high, the top has gentle terrain, can be observed on all four sides, clear blue lake between hills and verdant pine forests stretching. to Ia Grai district. Follow vnexpress/ Photo: Pham Cong Quy

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