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The grassy hills in the Central Highlands are brilliant at the end of the year

November is the time when pink grass and reed grass in Da Lat and Pleiku is in season, attracting tourists to take pictures.

The grassy hills in the Central Highlands are brilliant at the end of the year
In the last months of the year, the pink grass hill in the Golden Valley area and the lonely pine tree become a destination that attracts visitors to take pictures in the morning from 6 am to 8 am. After this time frame, the grass will be less beautiful because there is no more dew and the sun has risen. In recent days, Da Lat has ended the rainy season, the outdoor temperature is 14-24 degrees Celsius. Photo: Dong Ngo
The grass hill is about 15 km from the city center, it is quite cold in the morning dew, visitors should prepare warm clothes and scarves. The grass is most beautiful on a day when Da Lat has a lot of dew and beautiful sunshine, looks more sparkling. Photo: Truong Hoai Nam
Communities in the mountain town of Pleiku, Gia Lai spread the word about the emerging reed hill in the area of ​​Truong Sa street. This place does not have many trees, so young people often come to take photos in the early morning to catch the sun or in the afternoon to catch the setting sun. Photo: Hang Pham
The grass hill is located near the end of Truong Sa street, visitors turn in the direction of 2 rows of acacia trees, go straight for more than 1 km and you will see the pink grass hill or can ask the people in the area for directions. Young people often choose monochrome outfits and bring accessories to pose with reeds. Photo: Nguyen Vi Kieu Trinh
The lavender tourist area is located in Tuyen Lam lake area, ward 4, Da Lat city, Lam Dong, more than 10 km from the city center, attracting tourists with its brilliant pink reed in November and December. Photo: Nguyen Khac Tung

Red reed grass grows in clusters close together, stretching across a hilly area. The flower has a gentle, shimmering beauty with soft pink flowers, slightly turning pink-purple, red. Seen from above, this place is covered by a colorful carpet, attracting all eyes. Video: Nguyen Khac Tung

Dak Doa Grass Hill, located about 20 km east of Pleiku City, Gia Lai, has been a tourist attraction attracting young people since 4 years ago. Every November, many people flock here to have fun, take photos, and pose on the low, thick grass like cotton. Photo: Nghia Rom
Clusters of grass growing core in the wide steppe, interspersed with old pine trees are likened to a miniature Da Lat in Gia Lai. The ideal time to visit the grass hill is early in the morning, the grass is still dew and welcomes the first rays of the day. Photo: Nghia Rom

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