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This May, you have an appointment with the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands – the wonderful land becomes even more wonderful at the moment of change of seasons

 The land of the Central Highlands is known more and more with the impression of being a new destination, close to nature and indigenous culture.

May is the time of change of seasons in the Central Highlands when the dry season enters the rainy season. However, the rainy season in the Central Highlands is not as sudden as in the South or as persistent as in the Central region. Rain on this basalt red land does not make the city boring, but on the contrary, it also adds romantic and poetic features. Rain is often accompanied by a slight chill, for some people this is not very pleasant, but for dreaming souls it can be very enjoyable.

Photo: Hue Ling

Arriving in what is considered the land of coffee this month, you will not only be mesmerized by the aromatic flavor but also have the opportunity to discover the diversity of nature here.

Amazingly majestic nature

With famous landmarks such as Chu Dang Ya volcano, Lak lake, Tan Son dam, Ta Dung lake, Pleiku lake, and Da Voi mountain,… Basalt land converges both the majestic beauty of the Northwest and the beauty of nature. the calmness of the river delta.

This May, you have an appointment with the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands – the wonderful land becomes even more wonderful at the moment of change of seasons

The famous Chu Dang Ya volcano in Gia Lai (Photo: Hue Ling)

The red dirt road is like a canyon near the city center. Pleiku

Hundreds of years old pine in the lake, Pleiku (Photo: Hue Ling)

The path to the rubber forest is beautiful, isn’t it? (Photo: Chu Duc Giang)

Yang Tao Elephant Rock (Mother Elephant Rock) (Photo: Hieu Thien)

The famous Tan Son Dam (Photo: Chu Duc Giang)

Arriving in this land, you will be roaming to explore many interesting places such as the vast savannah, vast mountains and forests. Feel the sweet aroma of tea hills and coffee hills. Or change the wind to see the poetic lakes, the immense mountain river flowing fast.

The garden of fragrant coffee flowers (Photo: @hothiengaa)

Wandering the streets of Gia Lai (Photo: @hothienngaa

Ho Ta Dung is not happy (Photo: Vu Thao Nhien)

Waterfall in the middle of the jungle

With magnificent scenery and cool weather, the waterfalls in the Central Highlands always attract tourists to admire, even if they have to travel long distances. The beautiful waterfalls adorn the magnificence of the mountains and forests as a gift that nature bestows on this land. From above, flowing down the stone shelf, the waterfall throws white foam, forming vivid pictures.

Each waterfall has its own attractive beauty like Dray Nur (Dak Lak) like a citadel wall with rushing water and dust flying like dew, covering an entire river.

Photo: Nguyen Thi Diep Anh

Or Phu Cuong waterfall is like a silk strip weaving through the rocks, squeezed between the mountains and forests of Gia Lai.

Photo: Nguyen Thanh Tuan

Lieng Nung waterfall (Dak Nong) falls from a high cliff into a mysterious cave…

Photo: Ngoc Diep, Dang Thuy Duong

Ancient and beautiful temples and museums

Coming to the temples in the Central Highlands, you will see very finely carved works, the result of many times of repair and maintenance. If you have time, you can visit the temple to pray for peace for your family and take beautiful pictures here.

Minh Thanh Pagoda in Gia Lai (Photo: Chu Duc Giang)

Tu Sac Khai Doan Pagoda in Buon Ma Thuot (Photo: Hieu Thien)

As the brainchild of a famous coffee brand – the World Coffee Museum is a modern-looking building that still evokes familiarity with the style of stilt houses of the Central Highlands. This place promises to bring visitors unique and interesting experiences about coffee culture.

Photo: Hieu Thien

The Central Highlands is an increasingly attractive destination for people who love to travel. Possessing a combination of majestic, wild, and mysterious beauty, the basalt land offers visitors many unforgettable experiences.