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Revealing the beautiful New Year check-in locations in the Central Highlands for the first spring trip of the year

If you are looking to celebrate Tet in a faraway place or simply looking for a place for a New Year’s trip, surely the Tet check-in locations in the Central Highlands will be a great suggestion.

Tet tourism is a very popular trend recently. It is not only the vibrant cities, the blue-green sea, the sunshine and the gold that make the devotees fall in love, but also the beautiful natural scenery, famous landmarks and the unique local cultural beauties of the Central Highlands. also very attractive. There are countless places to check-in Tet in the Central Highlands for you to stop and enjoy exciting journeys to open the new year. 

Find places to check-in Tet in the Central Highlands, don’t miss these places!

1. Da Lat 

Da Lat is known as one of the most beautiful cities in the spring, where it always attracts visitors by its beautiful nature, fresh air, and rich cuisine. This is also the most famous Tet check-in place in the Central Highlands for the first trip of the year. Da Lat on Tet holiday is still relatively cold, but the weather is very nice, little rain and especially there is no shortage of places to eat. You will be captivated by the scenery of brilliant flower gardens, pine forests, rushing waterfalls, unspoiled villages or peaceful suburbs.

Da Lat is the city of spring with colorful flowers. Photo:@dalat.holic_

Traveling to Da Lat this Tet, you will admire the wonderful cherry blossom roads in Da Phu hill , around Xuan Huong Lake, Mong Dao Nguyen… virtual living in tourist areas, wonderful flower fields, check – Print the bright red strawberry gardens or check-in at attractive tourist destinations such as Langbiang mountain, Cau Dat, Tuyet Tinh Coc. In particular, do not forget to enjoy the attractive specialties here such as chicken hot pot with e leaves, banh can, fruit jam, butter cream, grilled skewers …

Revealing the beautiful New Year check-in locations in the Central Highlands for the first spring trip of the year
The flower fields in Da Lat are always a favorite check-in place for tourists during Tet. Photo: @dalat.holic_

2. Black bamboo shoots 

Instead of a bustling urban place, when choosing a place to check-in Tet in the Central Highlands , you should come to Mang Den, the green paradise of thousands with many interesting things to look forward to. Mang Den is known as the muse of the highland with three lakes and seven waterfalls, and the mild weather gives travelers a feeling of relaxation. At the beginning of the new year, Mang Den is filled with fresh colors of flowers and trees of the old forest, and cheerful villages.

Mang Den is a green paradise for the healing journey at the beginning of the year. Photo: @vun.vat.sai.gon

Check-in Mang Den this Tet, don’t forget to visit Pa Sy waterfall, joyful pine forest, Kon Bring village or go to Dak Ke lake to see cherry blossoms in full bloom. Tet cuisine in Mang Den is also attractive with ginseng wine, ge wine, can wine, grilled chicken with lam rice, grilled chicken, dried deer or native rat meat only available during Tet. 

Dak Ke Lake is a very HOT Tet check-in place thanks to the blooming cherry blossoms. Photo: @_the_phan_

3. Sea Lake 

Traveling to Gia Lai on Tet holiday , most of the believers will go to Bien Ho, the beautiful and fresh green paradise of the mountain town. Instead of bustling stops in the city, going to Bien Ho to immerse yourself in the vast scenery of “Pleiku eyes” or the fragrant green tea fields will be a great experience for the soul to become Fresh with soothing emotions.

The lake on Tet days is as beautiful as a picture. Photo: @kyuyn_.

Near Bien Ho, there are also a series of interesting check-in places such as Buu Minh pagoda, Hang Thong street is also very beautiful and poetic. Coming to Gia Lai in the new year, you should not miss the famous dry beef dish with salt and ant eggs, chicken with fire or vermicelli, famous dry noodle soup of this country. 

The pine road is as beautiful and romantic as Korea. Photo: @hothienngaaa_

4. Ta Dung 

Ta Dung Lake is normally hot, the beginning of the new year is even hotter because this is also one of the times when the scenery of Ta Dung is as beautiful as a dream. Come to Dak Nong this New Year, come back to Ta Dung to admire the spectacular and peaceful natural scenery of the land of thousands.

Many people come to Ta Dung to check-in during Tet. Photo: @huangyuzan_

Tourism in Ta Dung is very developed and during Tet, most of the services are still provided, so you can check-in to see the green islands hidden on the lake surface, camp on the beautiful islands, paddle by yourself. Explore the wonderful nature. In particular, Ta Dung has no shortage of beautiful virtual living places for you to relax and bring back beautiful photo albums. Especially, do not forget to enjoy the specialties of Ta Dung grilled pliers, wild pigs, and banana ash peel soup of the M’ Nong people when coming here. 

Around Ta Dung Lake, there are many beautiful check-in points. Photo: @xufinx__

5. Lak Lake – Lak Tented Camp

This is the most attractive Tet check-in place in the Central Highlands outside Buon Ma Thuot with people moving when stopping in Dak Lak. Lak Lake is the largest freshwater lake in the Central Highlands and is a beautiful wing of the great land surrounded by high mountains and green primeval forests. Coming to Lak Lake, you will be able to see the magical beauty of nature with a deep blue lake in the shadow of clouds, rows of pine trees, hidden canoe boats with an indescribable peaceful and quiet atmosphere.

Lak Lake is an attractive destination for a Tet holiday. Photo: 123di

In addition to Lak Lake, checking-in Lak Tented Camp and enjoying a real “escape” during Tet is also a great suggestion. Europe, rustic but extremely attractive. Relaxing here and enjoying the beautiful nature, enjoying the specialties of the people or sipping strong coffee is more than enough for a trip. Tet tourism is a lot of fun. 

Come to Lak Tented Camp to enjoy a real Chill Tet holiday if you want to enjoy the wild nature. Photo: huyynguyen.20

6. The beautiful temples of the Central Highlands 

Referring to the most popular Tet check-in places in the Central Highlands , it is indispensable to have a list of famous temples of the land of thousands. Going to the temple is the first culture of the Vietnamese people, in addition to praying for peace, luck and health for the family, visiting the temple at the beginning of the year is also an interesting experience. In particular, the pagoda in the Central Highlands has beautiful and impressive architecture with rich religious colors and an extremely ideal place to live at the beginning of the year. 

Architectural temples are always an attractive destination during Tet. Photo: bazzanl

Depending on the destination of your spring trip in the Central Highlands , you can choose to visit different temples such as Minh Thanh Pagoda in Pleiku, Tu Sac Khai Doan in Buon Ma Thuot, Ve Chai Pagoda, Truc Zen Monastery . Lam in Lam Dong… 

Sac Tu Khai Doan has a very beautiful space, so many people come to visit and take pictures during Tet. Photo: @monkeyhey_

Exploring the  New Year check-in locations in the Central Highlands during the spring trip to open the new year will definitely be an interesting and memorable journey. The wonderful land of thousands of colors will not only make you fall in love with the natural scenery but also the unique indigenous culture, will also bring you unique memories, helping the soul to be fresh and full of energy to catch up. Happy new year.

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