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The pomelo tree is more than 50 years old, the customer wants to rent for $3,200, and the owner of the garden has not agreed

This ancient pomelo tree was valued at $4,000 by the garden owner, the customer asked to rent it to play on Tet for $3,200, but the garden owner did not agree.

For nearly a month now, along Lac Long Quan Street (Hanoi) have appeared hundreds of ornamental pomelos and ornamental plants brought by gardeners to serve the people of the capital to buy or rent to play Tet.

As noted by PV, each ornamental pomelo tree here costs from 15-50 million VND, depending on the diameter of the root, the position of the tree, the number of fruits, and the age of the tree.($1=25,000 VND)

In particular, a “giant” pomelo tree valued at up to VND 100 million has attracted the attention of many people.

The pomelo tree is more than 50 years old, the customer wants to rent for $3,200, and the owner of the garden has not agreed

The original ornamental pomelo is valued at 100 million VND by the gardener.

Mr. Nguyen Kim Thang, owner of a garden in Song Phuong (Hoai Duc, Hanoi) said, this is the oldest pomelo tree with the highest price among nearly 200 garden plants for Tet.

The trunk is about 4 meters tall and has almost 100 fruits.

“This original pomelo I bought in Yen Bai 5 years ago. The owner said that this is a pomelo root that is nearly 50 years old, then it took me more than 5 years to take care of it very meticulously and thoroughly to get the current shape of the tree,” Thang said.

At the bottom, the garden house is decorated with miniatures.

Currently, this pomelo root is about 4 meters high, has a spreading canopy of about 3 meters, the root diameter is about 40cm and there are about 200 grafted pomelos.

The base of the tree is about 40cm in diameter.

Under the pomelo tree, Mr. Thang is also decorated with miniatures such as the One Pillar Pagoda, the statue of mandarins and small shrubs to increase the aesthetics of the pomelo tree.

This is considered the most precious pomelo root among nearly 200 gardeners.

Mr. Phung Dat, an employee of this gardener, revealed that this pomelo tree is valued at 100 million VND. A few days ago, someone asked to rent it for 80 million VND, but the owner of the garden did not agree.

Someone asked to rent this pomelo root for 80 million VND, but the garden owner did not agree.

“We need at least 85 million dongs to rent it out,” said Mr. Dat.

This garden house also has many other bonsai pomelo trees with the price of several tens of millions of dong/tree.

In addition to the ancient pomelo, this gardener also has hundreds of bonsai pomelos costing from 10-70 million VND, and bonsai kumquats costing from 400 thousand to 1 million VND/pot.

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