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Bonsai grapefruit down the street to serve customers to play Tet, a 50-year-old unique pot with a price of 100 million dong

At this time, when the Lunar New Year 2023 has more than 30 days left, bonsai pomelos and kumquats began to appear in the area of ​​​​Lac Long Quan Street (Tay Ho District, Hanoi City) to serve Tet guests.

Reportedly, Lac Long Quan Street (in Tay Ho District, Hanoi) began to appear with potted bonsai pomelos and kumquats to serve guests playing Tet.

This year, the rental/sale price of kumquat and pomelo bonsai started to be slightly higher than in the years with the COVID-19 epidemic. Accordingly, each pot of kumquat and pomelo bonsai has many prices, ranging from 5 million, 7 million to 20, 25, and 30 million VND/pot. Even 50-year-old pomelo bonsai pots are for sale for 100 million VND. ($1=25,000 VND)

Bonsai grapefruit down the street to serve customers to play Tet, a 50-year-old unique pot with a price of 100 million dong

On Lac Long Quan Street (Tay Ho), bonsai pots of kumquats and pomelos to serve Tet guests began to be sold.

Mr. Thang (52 years old, in Hoai Duc, Hanoi) – a salesman, said that bonsai kumquats and pomelos for Tet guests began to be sold from the first days of the 10th lunar month. At this time, customers buying bonsai are mainly giants and businesses buying and selling in the lobby. The selling price of pomelo bonsai this year is very diverse but the lowest is 4 million VND/pot and the average price is 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 50 million VND/pot, depending on the number of fruits, age, the shape of the tree.

A close-up of a 50-year-old Dien pomelo bonsai pot is for sale for about VND 100 million.

According to pomelo growers, this year, pomelo and kumquat bonsai have many sizes, with many prices, any customer can play, but buyers will choose a pot with the right size for the company’s space and family.

Close-up of kumquat bonsai pots being sold at Lac Long Quan street.

Although the 2023 Lunar New Year still has more than 30 days, people in the capital have begun to learn and choose bonsai to play Tet.

This year, kumquat and pomelo bonsai with a price of 10 million dongs or more are offered to rent more by customers. At the end of the Tet holiday, the gardener will take it back to continue taking care of it.

Most of the high-priced pomelo bonsai pots are meticulously decorated and depicted.

A close-up of a bonsai pot full of fruit is being sold at Lac Long Quan street.

According to the seller: “After the COVID-19 epidemic, everyone is having more economic difficulties, so in order to maximize buyer support, we free all costs incurred in shipping from the garden to the customer” .

According to the concept, Tet pomelo is very meaningful, especially the trees with many beautiful ripe yellow fruits, representing warmth and luck, to start a successful business year.

In addition, each year, the trend of playing pomelo and kumquat of tree lovers is different, so farmers have to be very creative and capture the psychology of customers to create impressive tree positions.

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