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The groom uses a motorbike to plow the bride, making netizens extremely excited

Instead of going to pick up the bride by car like many other weddings, Dinh Han used flowers and balloons to “turn” the plow into a flower carriage that surprised and excited many people.

A special flower carriage was used by Mr. Han to process the bride on the wedding day .PHOTO: VUONG QUYEN

The special flower car is made of a plow with many simple and cute decorations, leaving many impressions for relatives and friends when participating in the wedding. In addition to the flowered carriage covered with heart-shaped balloons, coconut leaves also have other tractors to accompany the bride and groom.

The main characters of the special wedding are Mr. Nguyen Dinh Han (29 years old, construction engineer) and Ms. Nguyen Quynh Mai (24 years old, currently a bachelor of tourism , from the same hometown H.Can Loc, Ha Tinh ).

The special wedding surprised many people with the appearance of the flower carPHOTO: VUONG QUYEN

The plow is decorated with flowers, balloons, coconut leaves, …PHOTO: VUONG QUYEN

Mr. Han and Ms. Mai wanted to do something different in their weddingPHOTO: VUONG QUYEN

Sharing with Thanh Nien , Dinh Han groom said, the wedding was held at noon 22.4. Since the two families are close together, he wants to do something different at his wedding. When he returned to his hometown, he saw many plows, so he came up with the idea of ​​picking up strawberries with this special vehicle. Before that, he also considered going to pick the strawberries by buffalo scissors but feared that it was not safe, when many buffaloes would panic, so he decided to use a plow.“I decided to choose a plow because it is both safe and close to life. 

The plows were borrowed by the neighbors and decorated together ”, said Mr. Han.The groom’s house is about 500m from the bride’s house, behind the “flower” plow, he attached speakers to play the wedding music and there are 5 more plows in the bride procession. Attending a special wedding, friends, relatives, relatives on both sides could not help but be surprised and excited.”Everyone was a bit surprised at first, but when the wedding took place, everyone liked it and filmed a lot live,” shared Mr. Han.

Mr. Han knew his wife 7 years ago from the time of raising cows and farming on immense rice fields, so when the wedding is held, everything is close to the hometown. To Mr. Han, Ms. Mai is a very gentle person, has a gentle personality, often cares and worries about people around her.

The wedding was held with the support of families from both sidesPHOTO: VUONG QUYEN
In the coming time, Han and his wife will return to their hometown to build a homePHOTO: VUONG QUYEN
Many friends, relatives of the bride and groom save the happy moment in the weddingPHOTO: VUONG QUYEN

On the contrary, in Mai’s eyes, Mr. Han is a person who is always steadfast in work and life. She loves him because she sees him progress and bravery, always trying to make both of them the most comfortable and happy.

Sharing her feelings about being able to pick up the bride with a special flower car, Mai considers it a memorable memory in her life. “At first I felt a bit shy, because near my house, I just wanted him to walk to pick up the bride, but when I saw the determination and ideas of my husband and received everyone’s attention, I was very happy and considered it as selfish. Memorable memories “, Ms. Mai confided.

The memory of the time she loves each other that Mai misses the most is the first love letter he sent. Up to now, many paragraphs in the letter she memorized and felt the sincerity he sent her through each word in it.

Next time, Mr. Han and his wife moved to their hometown to work near home to cultivate family happiness and take care of the family of both sides. Follow Thanh Nien Online

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