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Traditional Chinese wedding costs 12.000 $ in An Giang: Meticulous to every detail

The bride said: “For Chinese weddings, the most important thing is to follow the customs. Like the ceremony trays, and red envelopes for the team and relatives’.

Traditional Chinese Wedding

Number of guests: 300 guests

Organization cost: 12.000 $

Preparation time: 6 months

Special wedding from numbers

Regardless of the era, many brides and grooms still want to hold a traditional wedding ceremony of the nation. Recently, the wedding photos of the bride Tran Linh in the traditional Chinese style and received much attention.

Bride Linh and groom Long currently live and work in Chau Doc (An Giang). Their wedding is also held at the house and has a Chinese style. According to Linh, the time to prepare for the wedding is 6 months.

Traditional Chinese wedding costs 12.000 $ in An Giang: Meticulous to every detail

The bride said: “For Chinese weddings, the most important thing is to follow the customs. Like the ceremony trays, red envelopes for the team and relatives. Regarding customs, from the fruit tray to the wedding money, all must be even, 6-8 or 12 trays. The ceremony also needs to be complete and decent with enough rituals. When the groom comes to pick up the bride to his husband’s house, the two hold hands and walk close to each other, not allowing anyone to interrupt, including children. In general, the wedding was meticulously organized and really fun.”

To prepare for the wedding ceremony, the bride chose wedding flowers, the backdrop for the wedding theater as well as the bride and groom’s costumes.

Bright red tones are selected.

According to the Chinese tradition, everything is red, meaning Great Joy, Great Sand, Great Benefit.

“I pay a lot of attention to the flower car and the bride’s hand flower. I choose anthurium as the main flower. This flower is meant to bring good luck to the owner. The name of the tree is grafted from the two words “pink” and “mon”. In Chinese, “pink” is the word for red, the color symbolizes luck and happiness, and “mon” refers to the door, which is very important in culture. For decorative flowers at home as well as in the theater, I choose red lily flowers. According to the Chinese concept, it is Bach Hop flower, very good meaning” , Tran Linh added.

Therefore, a real red wedding took place. From the wedding backdrop, the flower gate to the backdrop in the bride’s house, the tea cups are all bright red, symbolizing luck.

As for the costumes, the bride and groom all choose a traditional Chinese dress. The bride ordered her wedding dress from China and it took months for the new outfit to arrive.

“Nude shirt has many models but it is quite easy to choose. My husband and I mainly want to have Long Phung embroidered on the dress because this image is very meaningful to the bride and groom. Normally wedding dresses will be rented, but we buy them as a souvenir and also for our children in the future. A pair of nude dresses for the couple is 7 million VND, when wearing it, it feels like the bride and groom and looks very brilliant”, Tran Linh added.

The bride wears a nude top to take pictures at home.

The wedding ceremony is meaningful

For a Chinese wedding, the indispensable thing is the traditional standard peanut candy tray and Pia cake. According to Tran Linh, in the past, when the bride got married, the girl’s family would weigh her daughter, how many kilograms of cake the groom’s family had to bring. However, now, that custom is gone, but the cake tray is still a must-have as a cultural beauty.

On the wedding day, the groom, after getting off the flower car, will be invited to tea by the bride’s brother or nephew before entering the house. Normally, on the day of the wedding, the father will be the one to bring the daughter down. However, because she wanted the wedding to be more fun and lively, at Linh’s wedding, her father suggested that the groom go up to the bride’s room by himself.

The bride’s nephew offers tea to the groom.

Bride Tran Linh added: ” Arriving at the door of the room, the groom and the groomsmen were physically tested by female friends through games such as push-ups, eating lemons, creating a very happy atmosphere. After bringing the bride down, we perform the tea ceremony for the adults to get lucky money or gold. At that moment, I was so moved that I cried. Parents bless their daughter and also believe that the groom will love his child, so they are very reassured.”

Because the bride is Chinese, about these rites, the couple discussed it very carefully. According to the bride Tran Linh, in the past, she thought she married a Chinese husband so the customs of both sides were similar in all aspects. However, “everything depends on fate”, her husband is not from the same ethnic group, but the wedding customs are still very respectful of the wife and the wife’s family, following the tradition.

When the rituals are over, the bride and groom go to worship their ancestors, Mr. Dia, Mr. Tao and mother Quan Am.

“It is a custom of the Chinese that means to introduce a husband or wife, to have a new member in the family and to pray for ancestors to bless the husband and wife with harmony and happiness,” Linh added . .

It is known that this wedding has a total of 300 guests and the total cost is about 300 million VND including restaurant banquet, ceremony decoration, makeup and costumes.

Tea ceremony for parents.

The bride and groom bow to Mr. Tao before completing the wedding ceremony.

After 3 days of marriage, the bride and groom will return to their maternal family. For the Chinese, it is a rite of passage. That day, Linh and the newlywed groom bought a pair of ducks to their mother’s house for a ceremony, and after worshiping, they sat down to eat with their family.

It can be said that culturally imbued weddings always have a lot of meaning. Congratulations to the bride and groom and hope that they will have a life full of joy and happiness!

Photo: Photographer Vuong Dinh Khang

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