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Christmas in a Vietnamese family

The pine trees of all shapes, materials, and colors make the Vietnamese home space more festive and cozy.

Christmas is an occasion for homeowners to show off their home decoration skills, especially for those who grew up in a Catholic family like Ha Phi in the Nha Be district (HCMC). Self-professed to be very passionate about Christmas, Ha every year prepares from November to make her home the most beautiful and neat.

In a two-story house with a floor area of ​​98 m2, Ha chose to display a 1.8-meter tall pine tree. The owner, born in 1987, revealed that decorating the pine tree only takes about two to three hours because the tree is already wrapped in lights. Christmas tree decorations are collected by Ha every year, in all shapes and colors. To add European style in the house, she also added an antique lamp.

In addition to the pine tree, Ha decorated other corners such as the dining table, kitchen and garden for the whole family to have a Christmas atmosphere.

“Usually my family decorates in the evening when everyone is free. It takes about two weeks to finish the house,” Ha said.

Also her favorite Christmas season of the year, Ngo Thuy Hang decorates a duplex apartment in District 2 (HCMC) a month before Christmas. The 36-year-old mother and her daughter rearranged the living room and decorated a two-meter-high pine tree with string lights, ribbons, and pearls. In particular, Ms. Hang also used a screen and projector to “transform” a window full of snow in the living room, in order to surprise visitors.

Not only the living room, Hang also spends time decorating the kitchen, dining table and piano corner. Even small items such as dishes and tablecloths are chosen by the owner to match the Christmas atmosphere. On social networks, many people commented that the apartment with baby blue tones was like a fairy tale place.

Not a Catholic but passionate about decor, every year, Vu Ngoc Huong Trang and her daughter also decorate their house for Christmas. This year, the mother born in 1992 chose a simple style for the house in the Hong Bang district (Hai Phong). In the living room, a 1.5-meter pine tree has been prepared by the owner since the beginning of December. String lights, jewels and gold and silver gift boxes, and red bows help the pine tree to match the interior of the house and still stand out.

Huong Trang also added pine branches and lights to her piano. The black and white tones of the furniture combined with the green of the pine branches create a Nordic atmosphere.

Unlike the above owners, this year, 33-year-old Kim Chi Tran’s family in Bac Tu Liem district did not buy a ready-made pine tree, but made a wooden pine by themselves.

At the request of his wife, from the beginning of December, Chi’s husband bought about 60 wooden sticks 1.2m long and 1.5cm thick and started making a handmade pine tree.

After two days, Chi’s husband “saws and drills”, the wooden pine tree gradually took shape. After shaping the pine tree, Ms. Chi received the gift wrapping, tied a bow, and bought more decorations.

The homemade wooden pine tree not only helps Chi’s house more warm, but also reminds me of the time when I used to light a campfire when I was a student. The owner revealed that the wooden pine tree can be folded, the base is also removable, so only a 10 cm wide slot is enough to store it, without worrying about the house.

Phan Thi Thu Huong from Nam Tu Liem district (Hanoi) came up with the idea of ​​making a paper pine tree to both save costs and increase the bond between mother and child in the context of the epidemic.

To make a paper pine tree, Huong and her mother took cardboard and rolled it in the shape of a cone to make a frame, then glued pieces of cement paper and checkered paper of size 4 x 25 cm that was folded in half. “Cement paper makes use of leftover wrapping paper for children’s notebooks, and lined paper goes online to find patterns you like and prints,” the mother born in 1977 revealed.

The final step is to use a glue gun to attach pieces of orange, cinnamon and hang pearls, and install pine branches on the tree. Oranges and cinnamon are available at home, while Chau and pine branches cost only 50,000 VND.

Huong and her mother also made their own laurel wreaths with ingredients including three rough rings of different sizes, some branches such as eucalyptus and baby flowers, pine branches, oranges, cinnamon and ribbons. After a few nights, they had the desired result.

“Paper pine and laurel wreaths are made very quickly, the materials are easy to find and the cost is low, all children can participate in making them,” Huong said.

Doan Hong Nhung was born in 1986 in Tay Ho district (Hanoi) and made a wall pine tree from cinnamon wood. First, Nhung found branches as big as her big toe, sawed them into segments, and then sharpened them. Next, the branches are arranged in parallel in order of longest branch at the bottom, shortest at the top and tied with ropes. Step three is to hang the tree on the wall, look back and adjust it to align, use candle glue or glue to make sure.

Decorative dried oranges are dried by the owner himself and the top star is made from dried branches picked up on the street.

If you can’t find cinnamon wood, you can use any kind of tree branch. Hong Nhung also suggests homeowners create more wall pine trees by painting branches or attaching family photos.

“If you can’t go out this Christmas, stay at home and decorate your room brilliantly to end 2021 in the warmest and most peaceful way,” Hong Nhung said. Follow (vnexpress)

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