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Admire the “giant” Christmas tree as tall as a 5-story building in Ninh Binh

A Christmas tree about 30 meters high decorated to celebrate Christmas in Ninh Binh is attracting a large number of people and tourists from all over the world to admire and save memorable moments.

Admire the “giant” Christmas tree as tall as a 5-story building in Ninh Binh
To celebrate Christmas in 2021, in Ninh Binh city (Ninh Binh) suddenly appeared “giant” Christmas trees, attracting the attention and interest of many people and tourists from all over the world.
The tallest and largest Christmas tree is placed in front of the lobby of a hotel under construction located in Xuan Thanh urban area, Ninh Khanh ward, Ninh Binh city. This pine tree has a height of about 30m, a trunk radius of more than 3m. 
A week before Christmas, dozens of workers were mobilized to install this “giant” Christmas tree. The decorators said that only the frame of the pine tree requires hundreds of kilograms of iron and steel.
In addition to a large amount of iron, the construction unit also needed tons of plastic pine needles, thousands of spheres, hundreds of snowflakes, and light bulbs to decorate.
Right at the foot of the pine tree, Christmas gift boxes and giant reindeer 3-5 times the size of ordinary people are also decorated, creating a bustling beauty to welcome the biggest holiday of the year. Catholic.
Seeing a “giant” Christmas tree suddenly appear in the heart of the city but not at a church or Catholic center, many people expressed interest in taking advantage of “check-in”.
At the Cathedral area of ​​Phat Diem Diocese (Kim Son district, Ninh Binh) this year parishioners also installed and decorated a nearly 20m high Christmas tree right in the front yard of Phuong Dinh of the cathedral.
Due to the complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic this year on Christmas, the atmosphere of celebrating Christmas among parishioners is somewhat limited. People going out to celebrate Christmas is not as crowded as every year, so the number of visitors flocking to the “Catholic center” of Ninh Binh province is somewhat less exciting than in previous years.
Celebrating Christmas is the biggest holiday of the year for Catholics, everywhere in the campus at Phat Diem Cathedral area is decorated with bright electric lights. The most prominent tall is the Christmas tree with a bright star at the top.
Phat Diem was once known as the “Catholic capital” of Vietnam when it had a large number of parishioners. In previous years, to celebrate Christmas, people and houses in Phat Diem happily decorated their houses to welcome the big holiday, also from here spreading the love of the holiday to everyone. 
A Christmas tree about 15 meters high has just been completed by people in Ninh Binh city to welcome Christmas on the night of December 24. This Christmas tree has the main body of a high-pressure lamp post, around the decorative LED system is arranged like a silk strip wrapped around the trunk of the pine tree to create an extremely attractive highlight. 
The streets in Ninh Binh are decorated with dozens of large and small Christmas trees. People poured into the streets to visit crowded places to dispel the cold winter of the last days of 2021.

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