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Pine garden of 2,000 trees in Moc Chau

SON LA – With nearly 2,000 imported pine trees, the garden is being visited and photographed by many tourists before Christmas 2022.

The pine garden is about 1 hectare wide, located in the Bo Bun sub-area, Nong Truong town in the center of Moc Chau district, has just welcomed guests since mid-November.

Pine here is mainly two varieties Nobilis and Siberia, imported from Denmark and Russia. Pines are planted in rows, classified by height, each tree is neatly trimmed.

Each pine tree is decorated with bells, silver stars, bows, ribbons… to attract visitors’ eyes. Interspersed between the fragrant pine garden are straw rolls, tents, wooden chairs… forming miniatures.

Since opening, the number of visitors on weekdays has reached about 100 times a day. On weekends, the garden welcomes 200-300 visitors. The entrance ticket price to experience is 30,000 VND one time.

This is also a spacious space for children and the whole family to relax every weekend.

The garden is open all afternoon and is brightly lit.

Ms. Hai Phuong, the owner of the garden, shared that her family works in design and needs to use a lot of imported pine lines, so in 2020 they planted this type in Hanoi. But pine is slow to grow, growing only about 1-2 cm per year. Therefore, Ms. Phuong has brought this variety to Moc Chau, where the climate is more suitable, planning to propagate into a small forest, both providing pine for decorative needs and a place for people to visit. .

In addition to sightseeing, visitors can buy pine trees right at the garden to bring home decoration. The price for the tree is from 900,000 VND for the smallest tree with the height of 60 cm and 7 million VND for the tallest tree of 4 m.($1=25,000 VND)

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