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Rhododendrons blooming on Pha Luong heaven gate

When the spring season is coming to catch the summer sunshine, atop Pha Luong, nearly 2,000 meters above sea level, is seen as the roof of Moc Chau district (Son La), with azalea flowers.

Flowers bloom amid immense mountain cloudsAzaleas are like the queen flower of the Northwest, bringing the beauty both seductive, beautiful and full of wild nature, as wild as the mountains and forests here.People who love climbing to Moc Chau often choose Pha Luong as a test road .

The journey to conquer the mountain top from Pha Luong border post takes place about 4-6 hours with people in good health.On the way up the mountain, visitors will see the majestic natural picture of the place where the late poet Quang Dung described: “A thousand yards up, thousand yards down / Who’s house in Pha Luong rains far away”.

Here visitors have the opportunity to see firsthand the white clouds floating, embracing the same mountain range, the message. The higher you go, the cooler the air, and when you reach the top, it feels like you have reached the gate of heaven.

The suspension bridge crosses the stream on the way to conquer Pha Luong 
Pass the steep road up the mountain
Sitting admiring the majestic Pha Luong mountain and forest

This season, Pha Luong peak becomes more attractive and beautiful because azaleas are blooming. The blooming season becomes the meeting point of the couple, the young Mong people come to watch the flowers and show their love. And the tourists below the downstream do not forget to schedule to start the journey to conquer.

Standing on the top of the mountain, we will admire the red azaleas, mixed with pink roses on the cliffs. We also see a flap of red azaleas forest between the desolate valley, clouds. Azaleas have contributed to making Pha Luong’s natural beauty more attractive.

Rhododendron trees bloomed all over Pha Luong Mountain
Flowers bloom on top of Pha Luong nearly 2,000 meters above sea level
A female tourist happened to meet the Mong children at the foot of the mountain and was guided by them

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