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Fairytale scenery of the northwestern azalea forest

Under the cool weather of the Lai Chau mountain range, among the green forests at the top of Pu Ta Leng is the rich and noble purple color of the azaleas at the beginning of the season.
Fairytale scenery of the northwestern azalea forest
Away from the pink color of peach petals during Tet holiday, the northwestern sky of April is beautified by the gentle and delicate purple azalea season. Azaleas (camellia, pomegranate, pink paint) are heather flowers, growing mainly in temperate regions such as mountainous and northern provinces. (Photo: Ngo Thanh Hai).
The purple color of azaleas stands out against the blue sky of the northwestern mountains. The forest rhododendron has a wild, majestic beauty but is sweet and loving. The petals are big, blooming in bunches, soft and fragrant all over the edge of Pu Ta Leng forest. (Photo: Ngo Thanh Hai).
Hidden behind the old trees, azaleas make visitors interested and passionate. Each small bunch of flowers, reaching high and swinging before each cold first wind of the season. April becomes an opportunity for azaleas “dominate” the mountain of Lai Chau forest. (Photo: Ngo Thanh Hai).
Rhododendron flowers are purple and pink, with a delicate and gentle aroma spreading across the road “the second roof of Indochina”. Azaleas become a beautiful symbol of the Northwest mountains, flowers bring a sense of the gentle and graceful beauty of a mountainous girl. (Photo: Ngo Thanh Hai).
See the azalea flowers to see the Northwest really beautiful, return to the mountainous areas like finding the region of ancient memories. The domain of that memory is not hustle, bustle, but gentle, loving. Azaleas, a simple, sincere flower that is gentle and unforgettable. (Photo: Ngo Thanh Hai).
In Lai Chau, forest rhododendron occurs mainly at Pu Ta Leng peak located on Hoang Lien Son range, in Ho Thau commune, Tam Duong district. This is considered the most expensive place to fully enjoy the beauty of the forest azaleas. (Photo: Ngo Thanh Hai).
The higher it is, the thicker the azaleas grow, and the feet of the flowers are covered with large rocks. Looking out, everyone who comes here is overwhelmed by the open space, each cluster of azaleas grows close to calling visitors to explore. (Photo: Ngo Thanh Hai).
Just try once to visit Pu Ta Leng (Lai Chau) in the azalea flower season, while watching the flowers while enjoying the peaceful, deserted space where the meeting of heaven and earth. (Photo: Ngo Thanh Hai).

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