12.05.2021, 09:01

Cave ’99 mountains, 99 lakes’ between the Northwest forest

LAI CHAU – Tien Son Cave is one of the intact rock caves of the Northwest, with beautiful stalactites.

On the road from Sapa to Lai Chau city, visitors have the opportunity to pass by Tien Son Cave. Tien Son Cave is associated with the legend of 99 mountains and 99 lakes of Lai Chau people.

Legend has it that 99 mountains are the symbols of 99 healthy boys and 99 lakes are the embodiment of 99 industrious and beautiful girls. Mountains and lakes coincide with the message, forming a belt holding a rich land, which is Tien Son cave.

On the ceiling of the cave, there are many drooping stalactites, forming strange shapes. The cave consists of 49 consecutive arcs running through two mountain slopes, the deeper the arc, the wider the arc. Each cave is given sacred names such as Mau Au Co, Lac Long Quan, Ba Chua Kho …

Under the cave, there is a clear stream running through the palaces. All year round there is no water. During the war against the French, the cave was also a hiding place for food, the base of the revolutionary movement.

Inside the cave, there are paved concrete roads and electric lights along the aisle, convenient for guests. Some sections are quite slippery and narrow, visitors must equip a portable flashlight. Because it is located deep in the cliffs, the temperature in the cave is always naturally regulated, warm winters and cool summers.

Many sections of the cave have an estimated ceiling of only 1 m, adults have to bend over and be careful when passing. Currently, visitors can go about 700m deep into the cave, expected to expand in the near future.

The landscape is located on 4D Highway, located in Binh Lu commune, Tam Duong district, about 40 km from Sa Pa town, about 30 km from Lai Chau city center.

In 1996, Tien Son Cave was recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Information as a national-level scenic relic. Since 2008, this place was planned to be a tourist area.

Next to the temple pavilion before entering the cave is the Bodhisattva Quan Am statue located on a large rock, open to the public free of charge. If entering the cave, the ticket price is 20,000 VND / adult, 10,000 VND / child from 6-15 years old.

Every year, Lai Chau province also organizes Tien Son Cave Festival on the full moon of January to pray for a peaceful and rainy year. This is also an opportunity for the locality to restore and perform cultural performances of the Thai, Giay, and Lu ethnic groups through the process of processions of strawberries, culinary performances and folk games. Follow vnexpress