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Visit Gia Khau 1 Lai Chau village to visit the friendly and hospitable Hmong people

Gia Khau 1 Lai Chau village is located in the middle of a beautiful small valley surrounded by majestic mountains, bringing the beauty of peace, gentleness, and closeness.

Where is Gia Khau 1 village?

Gia Khau 1 Lai Chau is a beautiful village located about 10 km from the city center to the west, in Nam Loong commune. Since 2012, this village has been recognized as a community tourist destination, attracting a large number of tourists from all over the world to visit. Coming to Gia Khau 1 village, you will admire the beautiful nature, especially the nearby Gia Khau cave system. 

Visit Gia Khau 1 Lai Chau village to visit the friendly and hospitable Hmong people
Gia Khau 1 Lai Chau village is more than 10 km from Lai Chau city center. Photo: @aprilo0o

Since becoming a cultural tourism village, Gia Khau 1 welcomes a large number of visitors every year. This village is the residence of the White H’mong ethnic group, preserving long-standing traditional cultures. Just spend 1-2 days exploring the village, visitors can understand more about the scenery, people and culture of Lai Chau. 

This village has been developing community tourism for the past 10 years. Photo: @hungtaxixuan

From the city center, visitors follow provincial route 128. On this route, you will pass Pu Sam Cap cave – a famous destination of the province. Arriving in Nam Loong commune, you continue your journey to discover Gia Khau 1 – a peaceful, close and simple village of Lai Chau.  

Gia Khau village 1 Lai Chau is beautiful every season

Gia Khau 1 Lai Chau village welcomes visitors with a natural picture of the Northwest. Vast fields are nestled in the heart of the valley, in the distance are the high and low green mountains interwoven, lazily under the white clouds flying in the sun. Everything is so gentle and beautiful. 

Gia Khau 1 village has a peaceful and close beauty. Photo: @fu_newin

Traveling alone on the roads in the village, visitors will breathe in the fresh air of the Northwest mountainous region, listen to the fragrant rice in the field, listen to each cool breeze blowing through. The more you go into the village, the more clearly the traditional village scene of the Mong people appears.

People here plant many flowers and grass to welcome visitors. Photo: Linh Thuong

As a village that has strongly developed tourism, the people in Gia Khau 1 are very friendly and hospitable. They are always enthusiastic with a smile on their faces, helping visitors in finding homestays as well as ready to suggest interesting places to hang out. Every time you come to the village, you will surely have many interesting and memorable activities. 

Visitors can experience the beautiful natural scenery in Gia Khau 1. Photo: Ngoc Mai

Today, Gia Khau 1 is a prominent destination of Lai Chau tourism . It owns a beautiful picture of nature for visitors from all over the world to enjoy. About the village, you can take the time to walk around the roads throughout the village, visit the valley of love, heaven gate, banyan tree slot… which are famous coordinates in this tourist village. 

Romantic plum blossom season in Gia Khau 1 Lai Chau village. Photo: Internet 

Each season of the year, Gia Khau 1 Lai Chau village has its own unique beauty. In autumn, the village has roads covered with bright yellow wild sunflowers. On winter days, the village also grows buckwheat flowers for visitors to live virtual. It is not necessary to travel to Ha Giang to see the buckwheat triangle, in Gia Khau 1 also. 

Girl in beautiful butt costume. Photo: Lai Chau News 

Visiting this beautiful village in Lai Chau , visitors can also experience cultural and artistic activities with the native Mong people. These are the traditional Khen dances, long-standing wedding customs, the H’mong’s Graak Taox Cha ceremony, folk dances, etc. In the village, visitors can also learn about brocade weaving and buy these products. as a gift.

Visiting the village, visitors are free to bring back many impressive check-in photos. Photo: Lai Chau News 

Coming to Gia Khau 1, you can also enjoy many delicious dishes typical of the people here. In particular, men men, vegetables, beef, pork, beef, corn wine, … are all processed from the same source of materials that people here can grow. Therefore, you can be assured of food safety and quality.

In the village, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy delicious specialties very attractive. Photo: @fu_newin

Gia Khau 1 Lai Chau village has been in tourism for 10 years, so it has a full range of homestays and services for tourists to stay. You will be able to rest and live with the Mong people, fully enjoy the life of the highland people during your trip to Lai Chau. 

Other beautiful villages in Lai Chau 

In addition to Gia Khau 1 Lai Chau village, visitors can also spend time exploring many other villages of this province. In Tam Duong district, there is Si Thau Chai village located at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level with beautiful natural scenery, well-planned tourism with countless lovely homestays.

Beautiful scenery in Si Thau Chai village, Tam Duong district, Lai Chau. Photo: @macthanhbinh

From the center of Lai Chau city, there is a poetic Sin Suoi Ho village – where there is a beautiful and romantic wild sunflower season. Coming to Sin Suoi Ho, visitors can also explore beautiful orchid gardens, learn about goat farming and brocade weaving of the Mong people here. Surely you will have a memorable time when coming to this village.

Peaceful scene in Sin Suoi Ho Lai Chau. Photo: @haranatsuga

Along with other beautiful villages, Gia Khau 1 Lai Chau village contributes to the development of local tourism, bringing visitors many attractive and memorable tourist activities. If you have the opportunity, try to visit here once to be immersed in the life of the Mong people in Lai Chau province, to save yourself memorable memories. 

Photo: Instagram + Internet

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