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Visit Phieng Canh Moc Chau village located in the middle of the flower seasons

Phieng Canh Moc Chau is a beautiful village of the H’mong people, nestled among immense plum groves in a picturesque valley. 

Where is Phieng Canh Village?

Phieng Canh Moc Chau  is a small village in Tan Lap commune, Moc Chau district, Son La province. This is a destination located on the same road as Na Ka plum valley and heart tea hill, very convenient for visitors to explore. About Phieng Canh, you will have memorable experiences in a beautiful and poetic village. 

Visit Phieng Canh Moc Chau village located in the middle of the flower seasons
Phieng Canh village is located in Tan Lap commune, Moc Chau district. Photo: @egajwajvat

This Hmong village is located at an altitude of more than 1000 meters above sea level. From Hanoi, visitors will travel about 200 km to Phieng Canh. Just follow the Northwest direction along Highway 6, you can easily reach the village. In recent years, Phieng Canh’s tourism has also thrived, especially in spring when plum flowers bloom in the sky. 

This village is located close to the Na Ka plum valley. Photo: @dangphong.nguyen

To make the journey to discover Phieng Canh more complete, you should go by motorbike so that you can actively stop at the beautiful places that you encounter during the trip. Of course, if you go in a large group, you can take a car to make it more convenient for the experience in the village.

The beauty of Phieng Canh Moc Chau

I don’t know since when Phieng Canh Moc Chau became a place that many young people love and check in. But anyone who goes to Moc Chau and misses this village is truly a regret. Not crowded, bustling and full of services like Cat Cat Sapa village , Phieng Canh has something very pristine and clear.

Phieng Canh village is located in a large valley, among immense plum groves. Photo: @nampham2429

This village is located in a small valley, embraced by the majestic and magnificent mountains of Moc Chau land. Coming here, visitors will feel the fresh, spacious atmosphere and beautiful scenery that is both pure, romantic and very simple, especially on warm spring days.

There are many plum orchards here. Photo: @anna_nguyen315

Coming to Phieng Canh Moc Chau village , visitors will be able to walk on wide roads, passing through the simple houses of the Mong people. Here, people build houses in the ancient architectural style, exuding a rustic and idyllic beauty. Surrounding these simple houses is a large plum garden, stone fences stretching along the front porch. 

This is a beautiful village of the Mong people. Photo: @egajwajvat

Phieng Canh has long been famous as the village with the most beautiful plum blossom season in Moc Chau. Coming here in the spring, you will admire a beautiful white flower paradise like a fairyland. Flowers bloom all over the garden, around the yard and run up the hillside, suddenly turning the scenery of the village into a fairyland.

Coming here, visitors can feel an atmosphere imbued with highland cultural identity. Photo: @linda.kieu.insta

Along with Na Ka valley, Phieng Canh village becomes a place with a beautiful plum blossom season, captivating people’s hearts. Every spring, this village “treats” travelers from far away with a beautiful season of white flowers. In addition to plum flowers, there are also peach blossoms and brilliant yellow mustard gardens. 

Moc Chau is really a beautiful land that you should visit once. Photo: @loc_ptran

Traveling to Moc Chau in the last and early days of the year, visitors are lost in the world of mustard flowers, plum flowers, and apricot flowers when walking on the roads connecting Na Ka and Phieng Canh. Just a vast valley adorned with fresh flowers, yet created a beautiful picture that captivates people’s hearts. 

Tourists take a leisurely walk in the peaceful and beautiful Mong village. Photo: @cartimes.vietnam

To see the beautiful plum blossom season in Phieng Canh village, visitors can come here at the end of January and early February. However, depending on the weather each year, the flowers may bloom earlier or bloom a little later. It is best to monitor and update information from tourists going to Moc Chau to know the exact time when plum blossoms are in full bloom. 

Coming here, you can also have fun with the Mong children. Photo: @filmbychang

If you visit Phieng Canh village at the beginning of the 12th lunar month, you also have the opportunity to learn about the traditional Tet of the Mong ethnic people taking place on the first 3 days of the month. This is the time when people clean their houses, buy new clothes, and cook delicious food to welcome a new year.

Notes when exploring Phieng Canh version 

As a beautiful village in Moc Chau, Phieng Canh is really a destination worth visiting in the last and early days of the new year. Coming here to see the romantic flower season, visitors can also experience camping among the large plum gardens, enjoying the extremely chill atmosphere on the land of the Moc Chau plateau.

Visitors should come to Phieng Canh Moc Chau village in spring. Photo: @duong.nguyen

Because Phieng Canh village is near Mu Nau valley , visitors can combine to explore two coordinates of the most beautiful flower viewing in Moc Chau. If you come here not in the blooming season, you can also walk around the village and feel the peaceful atmosphere of the Mong people in Son La.

Coming to Phieng Canh, you have the opportunity to experience a truly poetic and peaceful landscape. Photo: @foolishbe4ts

Phieng Canh Moc Chau village has long been a beautiful tourist coordinate and worth exploring in Moc Chau. Coming here, visitors are really immersed in the clear, poetic and peaceful atmosphere of Moc Chau plateau. If you are lucky enough to go to the right flower blooming season, you will feel more fully the beauty of this Hmong village. 

Photo : Instagram 

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