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Let your soul ‘chill’ with the peaceful and picturesque H’Mong village in Van Ho

Coming to Hua Tat is coming to a time of enjoying the peace and being closer to nature.

Running along National Highway 6 in the area of ​​Van Ho commune, Van Ho district, Son La province, between a long boulevard on one side and a high mountain on the other, there is a village quietly nestled in the middle, peaceful. and fresh as a picture.

Let your soul ‘chill’ with the peaceful and picturesque H’Mong village in Van Ho

The scene is as poetic as a picture in Hua Tat village.(Photo: Dinh Quoc Hung)

That is Hua Tat village, one of the rare tourist villages that still retain the traditional cultural features of the H’Mong ethnic people.

The village is nestled in the vast space of mountains and forests, although it has exploited tourism, when coming here, visitors still feel the rustic in each breeze, the poetic scenery of the houses and the people of the village. geography.

Hua Tat village is home to the H’Mong ethnic community.(Photo: hahalley)

Walking around Hua Tat village, it is easy to see houses built in the traditional way with bamboo, cork, dried tree trunks …, surrounded by scattered plum and peach trees with chickens chasing each other right next to each other. below. A rustic and simple village scene appears in the calm and gentle atmosphere of the cool weather in Son La, making people more relaxed.

Hua Tat village owns a cool and fresh atmosphere.(Photo: Dinh Quoc Hung)

The highest temperature in Hua Tat during the day is about 27 degrees Celsius, at night it is about 18-20 degrees Celsius. It is the cool, fresh atmosphere in Hua Tat village in particular and Son La, in general, that has contributed. increase the enjoyment of exploring the land here.

A corner of dawn on the hill in Hua Tat village.(Photo: Dinh Quoc Hung)

From Hua Tat, visitors can participate in many activities to fully enjoy the beautiful landscape in Van Ho. From camping in the pine forest, walking through the forest to visiting neighboring villages, going to the market with local people…, all are rustic experiences, closer to nature and people’s lives. native.

Traveling in Hua Tat village is a time to enjoy peace and relax with nature.(Photo: thevuday)

One of the most popular spots for young people when in Hua Tat is the pine forest. Although not as famous as Ban Ang pine forest, in return, visitors can enjoy a quieter scene, have more space to relax and slow down to feel the breath of nature. .

Pine forest is located along Highway 6, Van Ho district, Son La province.(Photo: hmlarchitecture)

With an area of ​​​​more than 30 hectares, the space is extremely large and green of the pine forest covering an area of ​​​​the Van Ho district. Weaving between the tall trees of pine trees is the green lawn of the bare hill, fresh like a fairyland.

This place is also a check-in place for the birth of extreme virtual live photos.(Photo: taoo_thaoo2222)

Hardly climbing to the top of the hill, visitors will be treated to a poetic panorama of the Van Ho district, a worthy setting for the long journey to Hua Tat village.

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