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“Breaking into” the “navel convex” orange garden in Moc Chau, customers buy it for 80,000 VND/kg

On peak days, this garden attracts from 200-300 guests with the price of admission to the garden to visit, enjoy oranges and rent a photography costume for 50,000 VND ($2)/per person.

Considered one of the best oranges in the world, Navel oranges, also known as umbilical cord oranges, have been successfully grafted and propagated in Moc Chau (Son La) and have harvested tens of tons for about 3 years.

Not only with the selling price of up to 80-100 thousand VND/kg, becoming the highest-priced orange in Son La, but some gardeners in Moc Chau have also deployed to welcome guests to visit and experience directly the picking of oranges and vegetables. enjoy oranges in the garden. ($1=25,000 VND)

“Breaking into” the “navel convex” orange garden in Moc Chau, customers buy it for 80,000 VND/kg

Visitors enjoy when enjoying and picking oranges at the garden. (Photo: Ngo Thanh Dao).

In particular, the most prominent is the convex umbilicus orange garden in area 68, Moc Chau Farm Town. Mr. Ngo Thanh Dao, director of the Northwest Specialty Cooperative, said that this is Ha Van Chien’s orange garden with the name Navel orange, Ly orange or convex navel orange.

Convex navel orange has a beautiful bright yellow color, fruity and very sweet to eat. (Photo: Ngo Thanh Dao).

“Mr Chien was the first person to bring 2 Navel orange stalks bought at a local supermarket, originating from Australia, and successfully grafted on wild pomelo, so they put on Ly orange (the name of Chien’s first daughter) and oranges. This also becomes the most delicious orange variety in Moc Chau,” said Mr. Dao.

The price of an umbilicus cut in the organic garden is 80,000 VND/kg. (Photo: Ngo Thanh Dao).

According to Mr. Dao, Navel means navel, so in addition to the name Navel orange, people also call it convex navel orange. This orange garden started to be planted about 10 years ago and was harvested 3 years ago with an output of about 15 tons of fruit.

Visitors can eat oranges for free, cut oranges in the garden and borrow costumes for photography. (Photo: Ngo Thanh Dao).

Orange tree to the wrong harvest season full of fruit. The bright yellow ripe orange color, highlighted by the green color of the intercropping tea hills, has attracted a large number of visitors.

Therefore, since mid-October, Mr. Chien has collaborated with the Northwest Specialty Cooperative to open more services for visitors to the garden for a price of 50,000 VND/adult.

Convex navel oranges have no seeds, yellow flesh, succulent and very sweet.

“Visitors will be able to eat oranges for free right in the garden, listen to the story of the origin of this seedless umbilicus, borrow costumes to take pictures and pick oranges with their own hands at the garden,” said Mr. Dao.

In addition, anyone wishing to buy oranges to take home, the garden also allows customers to cut and sell for 80,000 VND/kg.

This orange is considered one of the most delicious oranges in the world. (Photo: Ngo Thanh Dao).

According to Mr. Dao, although it has only been open for more than a month, the orange tree garden has attracted a lot of tourists to visit and experience. At the peak, the garden welcomes more than 300 guests.

With a group of friends going to Moc Chau for a weekend trip, Ms. Pham Hoai Anh, residing in Tay Mo (Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi) said that in addition to visiting the rose garden, her group also went to the orange tree garden because it was too “hot” “.

On peak days, the orange garden attracts more than 300 visitors to visit and experience. (Photo: Ngo Thanh Dao).

“The orange garden is only 3km from our homestay, by car. Golden orange hill, laden with fruit, highlighted by the cool green tea beds below. The whole group was able to pick oranges by themselves, eat oranges, borrow costumes to take pictures and buy clean oranges in the garden, so they liked it very much,” said Hoai Anh.

The children are also very excited to experience the orange garden. (Photo: Ngo Thanh Dao).

According to Hoai Anh, this type of umbilical orange is very sweet, seedless, thin skin, yellow inside, lots of water and very fragrant. Therefore, the group of sisters each buys 5-10kg more to bring back to Hanoi.

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