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Vinh oranges put Nghệ An on the map

Quý Dương

Vinh's speciality oranges have helped to put Nghe An Province on the map as one of Viet Nam’s biggest orange producers, becoming well known both domestically and internationally.

In the subsidised period before the 1980s, the oranges were mainly exported to other socialist countries, including the Soviet Union, where they were loved by many people. 

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, exports slowed, but the Vinh orange still won prestige among locals.

Vinh oranges put Nghệ An on the map
Nghe An's Vinh oranges have had geographical indication protection since 2007. — Photo

There are several types of Vinh orange but the most famous is from Đoai Village, said Phạm Văn An, who added a popular Nghe An local rhyme: "Đoai oranges are juicy with its drops of honey. When cutting the orange from front door, its fragrance flies wide and far, all the way to the back door.”

“These verses show off the Đoai orange quality, characteristics and attractiveness,” said An. Apparently, a village elder said that the French were the first to bring orange seeds to grow in Vinh in Nghe An Province more than a century ago. Several years later, the local people planted many more orange trees in Đoai Village.

Despite this year’s bumper harvest, the Nghe An orange has not sold well due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although prices have halved, from VNĐ35,000-40,000, very few traders have come to his garden compared to last year, he said.

Despite a bumper crop this year, the price of Vinh oranges has almost halved, due to the pandemic. — Photo

Herbalist Bui Hồng Minh, from the Nghe An Traditional Medicines Centre, said the orange is very good for human’s health, particularly for children and the elderly.

“It helps to reduce cholesterol and increase the immune system, and is particularly good for the lungs, and assists to maintain healthy eyes in men because it is rich in carotene,” he said.

Apart from Vinh oranges, Viet Nam also has six other orange specialities. They include king orange or sanh oranges (Citrus reticulata sinensis), which are grown widely in the mountainous province of Ha Giang; Cao Phong oranges in Hòa Bình Province, Bu oranges from the central province of Ha Tĩnh; Xoan oranges planted widely in the Cửu Long (Mekong River Delta) provinces and Canh oranges grown in Van Canh Village of Ha Noi. 

In 2007, Vinh oranges were given geographical indication protection by the Nghe An Sub-Department for Agro-Forestry Fisheries Quality Insurance. — VNS

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