30.11.2021, 10:05

Sleeping in a tent in the middle of the sea of ​​clouds in Ta Xua

SON LA – In the early morning, floating clouds cover the valley and dinosaur spines, mixing with the sunrise to create a fanciful natural picture.

The “dinosaur spine” in Ta Xua, Hang Dong, Bac Yen district, is a famous cloud hunting spot. If taking a self-sufficient car from Hanoi, you follow Highway 32 – Son Tay town – Trung Ha bridge – Thanh Son, Thu Cuc – Thu Cuc – Phu Yen – Bac Yen intersection. Travel time is about 5 hours.

Many people choose to stop and sleep at homestays in the center of Ta Xua commune to get up early the next morning to welcome the sunrise. However, if you bring your tent up to the place to spend the night, come from about 16-17 pm to avoid early dark and difficulty to move.

If you choose to set up a tent on the mountain, remember to bring warm clothes and insect repellent, so you should buy an additional 50,000 VND of firewood from the people to burn. In addition, it is necessary to buy food in advance because there is no service at the campsite.

In November, the weather in Ta Xua is about 14-19 degrees Celsius during the day but at night it drops to 9-10 degrees Celsius. It is recommended to bring a rain cover for the tent, bring many stakes to hold the tent and increase it because of the strong wind. You can find camping spots in the middle of the dinosaur’s spine because it is more airtight.

After a cold windy night, in the early morning 4-5am, just open the tent door to see the sea of ​​white clouds surrounding. Clouds seem to swoop in, floating on the mountains in front of you, creating the feeling of being in the middle of a fairyland.

According to Mr. Quan, a Hanoi tourist, setting up a tent to sleep overnight on the back of Ta Xua dinosaur is an unforgettable experience. However, those who want to have a similar experience need to have experience camping in difficult terrain, while paying attention to safety issues.

On cloudy days, covering the valleys below and covering the dawn, if you look closely, you will only see a little undulating high mountain peak in the distance.

On the journey to explore the sea of ​​​​clouds in Ta Xua, although it is only the end of the year, you can already see sporadic forest peach branches with pink buds in the dew.

The section of the Ta Xua dinosaur spine has 1.5 km of trails that are told by backpackers as one of the most beautiful places to see the sea of ​​​​clouds in the North. The best time to hunt clouds lasts from October to April next year and should go on sunny days.

Many days the clouds are thick from early morning to noon (10-11am) but have not dissipated, so you can still enjoy watching. And if the weather is less cloudy, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the space of the verdant forest, dawn, terraced fields and the houses of the Hmong on the side of the mountain. Follow vnexpress

Photo: Vu Minh Quan