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Set up a tent to sleep overnight on the sea to catch the dawn

To see the beautiful sunrise, our group set up a tent on the H. Can Gio beach, Ho Chi Minh City. Here, people have fun, sing, and get together like a family.

Set up a tent to sleep overnight on the sea to catch the dawn

Dawn on the sea of ​​Can Gio.PHOTO: TAN DAT

Wanting to change the wind on hot days, our group decided to take a trip to the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City. That is going to the beach 30.4, Can Gio District, Ho Chi Minh City. Accordingly, at exactly 14 o’clock, everyone departed from District 7, Ho Chi Minh City via Binh Khanh ferry and then along the Rung Sac route and it only took nearly 2.5 hours to arrive.

Like being “F5” back to the orbit of life

At 17 o’clock, the sun began to fall, peeping out behind the rows of blue and blue like a small fire of fire. Waves whispering on the shore. The place where we built the tent was still quite untouched, the grass grew, the soil was hard … so it was very convenient for the stakes to fix the tent. At night, “the whole family” began to burn coal and roast meat.

Take advantage of setting up a tent before sunsetPHOTO: TAN DAT

As a member who came to Can Gio for the first time, Ms. Dao Thi Lan Huong, living in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, said that she was really excited even when the trip was just planned. “The trip allows me to be integrated, close to nature and people here. I cherish every moment when enjoying with everyone, life always has great new things, we also have the opportunity to love, let’s get closer together ”, Huong said.

Spinning the pants together to grill the meatPHOTO: TAN DAT

The meat was cooked, the coal began to “die”, the waves crashed harder. Our group started having a simple little party on a white canvas. While enjoying the food and chatting… everyone seems to have no distance.As one of the youngest of the group, Hoang Nhat Uyen My, 21 years old from Can Tho, said this was the first time to experience the feeling of camping at sea. Uyen My confided: “After a series of stressful working days, returning to H. Can Gio seems like” F5 “has a living trajectory, very excited”.

Full moon is highPHOTO: LE HOA

Refreshing, comfortable and loving life

At 5 am the next morning, everyone woke up, gently opened the door of the tent to welcome the dawn. Particularly with the guy Lu Duy Tuong, 24 years old, living in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City went to the beach to “hunt” the sunrise. At 5:30, the sun began to glow behind dark clouds. At this time, the dawn was strangely bright, the golden streaks of sunshine stretched poetically.Lu Duy Tuong said that he himself is a backpacker enthusiast , loves nature, so he recharges the new day with a beautiful moment of sunrise on the sea, feels refreshed, comfortable and loves life.

The dawn began to risePHOTO: TĐ
The sea covered the yellow colorPHOTO: TAN DAT
Lu Duy Tuong is always eager to “hunt” the rising sunPHOTO: TĐ

According to Tuong to hunt for a full sunrise, you should go on days with nice weather , avoid rainy days, clouds, …. “Detect the direction of sunrise and choose the appropriate location towards the sea to Catch the sunlight that has just emerged, do not be hidden by trees, tall buildings or certain forests. It is also important to set up an early wake-up alarm to fully enjoy the feeling, ”said Tuong.

The sun is in the distancePHOTO: TAN DAT
Gleaming behind the cloudsPHOTO: TAN DAT
At 6 in the morning the sun began to rise, the clouds floating creating a ghostly scenePHOTO: TAN DAT

Lu Duy Tuong said that this beach is quite shallow, so when the tide rises, the water level will rise and very quickly, the water can be deep to the embankment. was swept away furniture. The sea breeze is very strong, the compact tents need to be installed to help prevent the wind, when lowering the tent, it is necessary to drive deep and solid piles to ensure the tent is not uprooted.

When cooking, keep an eye on firewood, before going to bed, you need to put out all the coal and clean things neatly because strong winds, hay, can lead to a fire. Clean garbage collection before going home. Always keep clean and protect the environment wherever you are. Leave nothing but footprints. Follow Thanh Nien Online

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