16.02.2023, 10:17

Ta Xua is surprisingly beautiful in the colorful peach blossom season among the sea of ​​​​clouds, the virtual life enthusiasts are excited to go hunting together

In the early days of spring, Ta Xua (Bac Yen, Son La) again becomes a dreamy check-in coordinate when the peach blossom color blooms, bringing a peaceful beauty that captivates people.

As an extremely famous tourist destination in the northern mountainous region of our country, Ta Xua has become the coordinate of many young people who are passionate about exploring. People call this a paradise on earth when all year round Ta Xua is always floating in the mist full of dreams.

But in spring, this place brings a very different beauty. Spring in Ta Xua is beautiful and attractive, with misty smoke spreading, with the brilliant colors of peach blossoms, apricot blossoms, and plum blossoms all over the road. The natural picture of the highlands, mixed with the drunken yeast of the spring days, makes many people fall in love.

Ta Xua is surprisingly beautiful in the colorful peach blossom season among the sea of ​​​​clouds, the virtual life enthusiasts are excited to go hunting together

Ta Xua is a mountainous commune in Bac Yen district, bordering Yen Bai and Son La provinces. Traveling to Ta Xua in the spring in the early days of February, you will be immersed in the dreamy beauty all over the mountainside. Somewhere hidden under that hazy cloud, one suddenly saw that the peach branches that were still bare of leaves suddenly burst into bloom, showing off their brilliant red and pink colors.

Peach blossom is a type of flower with many different types, grown in many places and countries. In our country, each place the color of peach blossom has its own characteristics that are hard to be confused with. Peach flowers in Ta Xua are forest peaches, rock peaches, and bell peaches in some places. This type of flower usually grows on sturdy, old tree trunks. If you look at it normally, these branches are no different from dry, moldy gray firewood. Especially in the vast space of mountains and forests, no one thought that there would be a day when fresh flowers bloom on it.

The interesting contrast between the delicate petals and the rough, dry stem of the tree has created a beauty that is both wild and ethereal, with bold highland lyricism. The light pink flowers blooming next to the quiet roofs are a peaceful beauty that is hard for tourists to ignore when coming to Ta Xua in the spring days.

To get to Ta Xua, visitors will have to cross the trails with steep slopes on both sides. However, the journey is also relatively easy. Coming to this place, we will admire the color of peach blossoms blooming along the road from Ta Xua to Hang Dong and the flowers also grow most concentratedly in Anti Tra village.

It can be seen that spring makes Ta Xua more poetic and sweeter in the pink color of the peach petals, which rest on the rocks. At this time, it is also the time when people pull together to Ta Xua to hunt clouds. The clouds appear thick and beautiful, especially long and have very dramatic movements.

Walking on a winding road with one side of majestic mountains, the other side is a sea of ​​white clouds stretching to the horizon, feeling like you are lost in a fairyland. Coming to Ta Xua in the spring days, you can immerse yourself in the vast sky, clouds and flowers blooming around your feet. There’s nothing better than keeping beautiful photos.

Photo: Internet (Vinlove.net)