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Lake Suoi Chieu Son La – endless love song between the mountains and forests of the Northwest

The clear water stream flows through the rocks in the middle of the primeval forest, the lake bed is blue, the houses on stilts of the Muong ethnic people in the afternoon blue smoke,… Suoi Chieu Son La lake.

Introduction to Suoi Chieu Son La lake 

Son La Suoi Chieu Lake is a tourist destination in Chieu village, Muong Thai commune, Phu Yen district, Son La. It has a total water surface area of ​​51ha with a capacity of more than 4,000,000m3 of water. Suoi Chieu Lake has the purpose of supplying water to the rice fields of the communes below the basin and especially the Muong Tac field, which is one of the four most famous rice fields in the Northwest. 

1 section of Suoi Chieu irrigation lake (Photo: mung.domino)

In addition to the task of watering and supplying domestic water in the downstream area, Suoi Chieu Son La lake also possesses a lot of potential for developing eco-tourism services by boat, developing fish cage farming in the locality. Along with that, there is a natural hot mineral spring in the area. These are favorable natural conditions for the development of hot mineral spring bathing services. 

(Photo: Dinh_thi_duyen_2k2)

The beauty of Suoi Chieu Son La lake 

Son La is a mountainous province in the North that is always remembered with tea hills stretching in Moc Chau, waterfalls, plum gardens and beautiful pine forests. In addition, this place is also known as an ecological land with many beautiful lakes. In which, Suoi Chieu lake is a prominent name. This place is being enthusiastically welcomed by many young people when it owns a green and fresh natural setting. The combination of lakes and hills has created a very impressive picture, very unique to the Northwest mountainous region. 

Lake Suoi Chieu Son La – endless love song between the mountains and forests of the Northwest
The blue lake bed makes everyone fall in love (Photo: luungocminh89)

Although this is only an artificial construction, this lake has its own mark with its lyrical and wild look. This is also the reason that Suoi Chieu Son La lake has become a special tourist attraction. Around the lake, there are many beautiful and peaceful scenes, fruit gardens, hot mineral springs, etc. All of which contribute to good tourism services. 

This is an irrigation project (Photo: ducphuong_04_04)

Many years ago, many people knew about Suoi Chieu lake, the local government also found this place extremely suitable for developing eco-tourism. Therefore, in recent years, the number of tourists coming here has been increasing day by day. 

If you have the opportunity to visit Son La, take a moment to visit Suoi Chieu Lake to feel the beautiful natural picture. A large lake is hidden among the mountains. The beautiful scenery at the lake is not inferior to the beautiful lakes in other countries around the world. 

(Photo: ntduogn__02)

Arriving at Suoi Chieu Son La lake , go up the nearby mountainside, look directly into the lake to enjoy the peace and clarity of this place. The green color of the lake blends with the green of the mountains and forests, creating a stunningly beautiful natural masterpiece that makes everyone who comes to it must be touched. 

(Photo: Lo_Hong_Hanh)

On sunny days, Suoi Chieu Lake appears with extremely brilliant beauty. On cloudy days, the scenery here becomes romantic and mysterious with mist and white clouds floating in the sky. No matter what time you come here, the beautiful scenery will make you fall in love. 

In recent times, residents in the area have provided services such as sightseeing boats, hot spring baths and food services. Coming here, you can freely play all day, admire the beautiful scenery and check in all the way. 

(Photo: ntduogn__02)

Interesting experience at Suoi Chieu Son La lake 

According to Son La travel experience , walking in the middle of the lake is the most poetic experience when coming to Suoi Chieu lake . At that time, you will be able to leisurely enjoy the scenery, breathe in the fresh air, and immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty that nature bestows on Son La. In addition to sailing, you can paddle sup or jump into the water to swim in the cool water. 

Sitting on a boat to enjoy the beautiful scenery (Photo: phuongdo8366)

After exploring the lake bed, you can spend time learning about the culture and daily life of the Muong villages. Especially here, there is a hot mineral bath service for visitors to relax after a long day of playing. In addition, people also have the opportunity to enjoy many typical delicacies of the Northwest mountains. 

Spring bath (Photo: mung.domino)

Notes when coming to Suoi Chieu Son La Lake 

To get here, you should go to Phu Yen town and then move about 10km to get there. The road in the Northwest mountains is mainly hilly, with passes, but the road is not too difficult. 

Currently, there are more catering services for visitors, but if you want to organize outdoor parties or picnics, you can prepare your own food so that you can grill on the spot. 

When you come to Suoi Chieu Son La lake, don’t forget to bring swimwear, towels, swimming goggles, wide-brimmed hats, bathing suits, jackets, backup bandages, prophylactic medicine to prevent scratching situations while having fun. . 

Make sure you have all the supplies ready!

Suoi Chieu Son La Lake – a clear natural picture in the midst of the green eyes of the mountains and forests. This place is truly a great destination for tourists to relax on weekends. If you have the opportunity to travel to Son La , do not miss this place!

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