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Traveling to Moc Chau to see the pristine Fairy Waterfall

 Few people know that, in addition to the famous 7-story waterfall in Chieng Khoa, recently the name of Nang Tien waterfall has been named by backpackers because of the pristine and clear beauty that nature bestows.

Talking about  Fairy Waterfall in Moc Chau, few people know because this is a destination that is still quite pristine, rustic, and has just come into tourism since 2020. However, who has set foot in the waterfall before? They all have to be shocked, standing in front of the beautiful and holy beauty that the white waterfalls fall one after another to create a heart-stopping beautiful landscape. In the coming time, surely the name Fairy Waterfall will explode the most and be visited by many people.

The scenery at the waterfall is beautiful, poetic, and rustic

Where is Fairy Waterfall in Moc Chau?

The scenic beauty of Nang Tien waterfall is located in the village of Na Cha – Chieng Khoa – Van Ho – Son La. The waterfall is about 7km southeast of Van Ho district center. Formed by water originating from Tan stream, confluence from Suoi Lin – Van Ho and Suoi Khem – Phieng Luong villages, the waterfall is very beautiful.

And the name Fairy Waterfall has a legend associated with Hoa Ban festival, which is very mysterious and creates curiosity and curiosity.

Traveling to Moc Chau to see the pristine Fairy Waterfall

As beautiful as a fairy tale

Fairy Waterfall is associated with a magical legend

Whenever mentioning  Fairy Waterfall, Thai people will mention the story of two beautiful young women, Kham Kieu and Kham Ke, whose parents are white Thais who migrated from Da Bac – Hoa Binh to Chieng Khoa commune to establish a hamlet. And the new land was called Muong May because the climate here is often foggy.

Since then, residents from all over the world have flocked here to establish hamlets and villages. The two girls, Kham Kieu and Kham Khe, slowly taught them to build houses, farm fields, dance, dance, folk dances, and Khen dances. But, before their enthusiasm, kindness, and admiration for their virtues, the people respected their loyalty. Fairy and called them Nang Muong and Nang Bang.

Since then, people have built a temple so that the name of the temple is Nang Bang – Nang Muong or Ba Chua, Son Lam. Around March, when the white ban flower blooms in the region, the villagers come to the temple to burn incense and pray for peace in the hope of harvesting a full and prosperous crop. And the odd-year custom: people offer two-legged animals; In even-numbered years, people worship animals with 4 legs and 5 legs. And every 5 years, a big festival will be held to commemorate the merits of the two girls.

And March is also the month when the Ban flower festival is held in Chieng Khoa. The meaning of the festival is to pay homage to Ban – representing the pure whiteness with the faithful love of the Thai people. At this time, it is also an opportunity to worship Then heaven – hoping for a bountiful harvest. But, at the same time, sponsor Phi Ma’s destruction.

Photo of the waterfall from above

What is the best season to go to Chieng Khoa Fairy Waterfall?

The beauty of Nang Tien waterfall in every season is beautiful because the waterfall is surrounded and located in the middle of a green primeval forest with diverse green vegetation. Most of the vegetation remains original. Therefore, coming here, visitors will be overwhelmed by the wild, rustic natural landscape that nature bestows.

And according to the experience and sharing of many backpackers: the best time to visit this waterfall is from March to May. This is the transition period between spring and summer. Although at this time, drizzle will appear, the water on the waterfall will also turn into jade green mixed with the green color of the vegetation to create a charming painting. And certainly, for those who love virtual life, if you want to get ecstatic photos, you must take the opportunity to take a photo of the camera.

Amazingly beautiful waterfall

How to move to Fairy Waterfall?

From the center of Moc Chau town, go along Highway 43 for about 25km. There is a signpost indicating the 2km Fairy Waterfall at the cheap intersection, then you follow it, turn right, continue to go a bit more, and reach the destination. Also, following this route, you will go about 2km to reach Chieng Khoa waterfall.

Near the entrance to the waterfall, there will be a parking space, so you should park it at the park and then continue to move inside to visit. 

Note:  The last 500m road when entering the parking lot is quite rocky. So make sure the steering wheel, the car engine must be strong to go in safely.


Ticket price to visit Fairy Waterfall

In general, it has just come into tourism since 2020, so the ticket price to visit Nang Tien waterfall is quite low, only 20,000 VND / person. Motorbike parking fee is 5,000 VND/vehicle; Car is 20,000 VND/car.

For those who want to check in virtual life, when going to the 3rd floor to visit, it costs 10k to rent a wooden raft to take pictures.

Besides, near Nang Tien waterfall, there is also a collective homestay service with a moderate price from 120 – 150k / night for visitors who want to stay overnight.


Moc Chau Fairy Waterfall is beautiful and dreamy

Many of you think that every waterfall is the same as any waterfall because it all flows from above and throws white silk ribbons to create a beautiful picture of nature. However, when you come to Moc Chau Fairy Waterfall, you will have to change your mind because:

Possesses rich vegetation

When coming to the scenic beauty of Nang Tien waterfall, the attractive point is that it possesses rich and green vegetation with pristine terrain. Therefore, when coming here, everyone has the same opinion as to if they were in a fairyland in the lower world. Especially during the golden period, the sunlight reflected through the vegetation makes the green color more tender and full of life. Therefore, this is also the best time to check-in.

Possesses rich vegetation

3 floors of majestic waterfall appear

Fairy Waterfall owns 3 cascades; each cascade has a magnificent beauty and different shades. 

1st floor: 100m from the parking lot, go to a section, and you will meet the first cascade. The scenery of the 1st waterfall floor is beautiful, peaceful, and poetic because there is a deep, clear lake across the hips of adults. And with this depth, visitors can take a bath comfortably.

The first floor is a green lake

2nd floor: Going to the 2nd floor of the waterfall, visitors have to go upstream with the water. The road to the 2nd floor has a cliff with a bamboo bridge that is quite solid, so you can safely move up. Up to this floor, you will take photos like a real photographer with super smooth photos; the background is the waterfall falling into the emerald green lake, looking very cool. Because the photo can only be taken from above, not close to it. 

The 2nd floor has a beautiful and dreamy scene.

Level 3: The depth of the lake on the 2nd and 3rd floors is immense. The rock surface here is also covered with thin layers of moss. Therefore, when you are not careful, you will easily slip and fall. And the height is calculated from the foot of the waterfall to the 3rd floor about 150m.

And according to many backpackers, this is the last floor and also the most nuanced floor. The waterfall on the 3rd floor is very high; the waterfalls pour down the cool white foam. And if anyone wants to own beautiful, ecstatic pictures, please rent a wooden raft and take pictures. The result will be collecting super quality photos that everyone is moved by the beautiful, magnificent and clear scene.

The 3rd-floor rents wooden rafts to take pictures

As a new waterfall in tourist exploitation in Moc Chau, but  Nang Tien waterfall still shows off its delicate and magnificent beauty. It retains the pristine and rustic beauty that nature bestows. Coming here, you will be immersed in the green space of the natural landscape with rich vegetation. In particular, watching the cascades flowing smoothly from above, oh my! Come and don’t want to leave!!!

Photo: Internet

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