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Bell-shaped peach blossoms on top of the Ba Na Hills

Bell-shaped peach blossoms on top of the Ba Na Hills

NDO – During early spring, on top of Ba Na Hills, bell-shaped peach blossoms begin to bloom. This unique flower blooms only in the spring, when the cold season passes through each street, visitors can give themselves a quiet space to contemplate life in their company at the top of the Ba Na Hills.

Small bell-shaped peach blossoms in the morning mist.

The bell-shaped peach blossom tree blooms only in the spring, from January to March, on the occasion of the Lunar New Year. This special flower is found in high mountain areas such as the Ba Na Hills (Da Nang), Yen Tu (Quang Ninh), Mau Son (Lang Son), Bach Ma (Thua Thien Hue). At the top of the Ba Na Hills, once spring arrives, bell-shaped peach blossoms are racing to flourish. The flowers resemble pink bells, hence they are called bell-shaped peach blossoms.

The flower only blooms in the Spring, once a year.

Spring comes, along with many flowers at the top of Ba Na, the bell-shaped peach blossoms trees are indeed spindly, covered with moss, full of young and blooming buds. Hidden in the fog at the top, 1,487 meters above sea level, the bell-shaped peach blossoms are like red dots, covered in the morning mist.

The flowers bloom on moss-covered stems.

In Ba Na, bell-shaped peach blossoms appear in the French village and are concentrated most in the spiritual area. In this quiet mystical place, the cherry blossoms are the signal of Spring's return, beautiful, simple and clear. Along with the unique flower of Ba Na forest - Nui Chua, the bell-shaped peach blossoms have also become a typical symbol for Ba Na Hill and for tourism in Da Nang. From the top of Ba Na, the image of cherry blossoms has been brought to the streets of Da Nang, decorated with spring flowers, a highlight of the city streets.

The flowers resemble small bells and signal the coming of spring.

The stunning beauty of the bell-shaped peach blossoms leaves a lasting impression on tourists

Silently shining between the quiet space and the morning mist of Ba Na.

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