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Explore Moc Chau Love Glass Bridge – A sweet and memorable tourist destination

Moc Chau Love Glass Bridge has been in operation since March 2019 and has become an attractive tourist destination for tourists because of its sweet and romantic scenery. Built in the direction of nature conservation, Love Bridge is the bridge connecting the majestic scenery of mountains and beautiful waterfalls in the south of Son La province. Experiencing Moc Chau tourism, visitors will admire the pristine beauty of the field of rape flowers, the valley of plum flowers blooming white in the forest, the immense green tea hills, and especially the new feeling when walking on a transparent glass bridge. The beautiful scenery here captivates travelers.

Where is Moc Chau Love Bridge?

Moc Chau Love Glass Bridge is located near Dai Yen waterfall, in Muong Sang commune, Moc Chau district, Lang Son province. The bridge, built at a height of 20m and with a length of 100m, is the first and most modern 5D bridge in the world located on the territory of Vietnam. 

Explore Moc Chau Love Glass Bridge – A sweet and memorable tourist destination
Praying for love Moc Chau

Moc Chau Love Glass Bridge opens an open view for visitors to enjoy the panoramic view of majestic mountains and forests. And you can also witness with your own eyes the fast-flowing waterfall at your feet when looking down at the transparent glass bridge. This is a new and unique experience that should not be missed for all visitors when visiting Moc Chau.

The bridge crosses the romantic river. Behind are majestic mountains


Road to Moc Chau Love Glass Bridge

Traveling by car

Moc Chau Love Bridge is located at the edge of Dai Yem waterfall, Muong Sang, Moc Chau, Son La. About 200km from Hanoi, it will take you about 4.5 – 5 hours to get here. From the city center, go west in the direction of Hoa Lac along Highway 08. At the intersection of Hoa Lac – Hoa Binh highway, turn left. Continue going straight to the end of Hoa Lac – Hoa Binh highway, go straight on Highway 6 for about 150k and you will reach the center of Moc Chau town. From here, follow Highway 43 to Pa Hang intersection, then turn left, go straight along road 20-11 for about 5km to reach Dai Yem waterfall. Ask people for directions to the Bridge of Love.

Traveling by motorbike

In case you go on a trip by motorbike, be sure to prepare a mask because the road is quite long. From the center, you move straight in the direction of Quang Trung and Yen Nghia streets. Passing through Van La urban area, crossing Mai Linh bridge towards Chuc Son town. From Truc Son town, go for about 2km and then turn left onto Hoa Son road. Continue for about 2km, then turn left to Binh Son street. Continue going straight to the big fork, then turn right onto Nguyen Van Troi street and go straight to National Highway 21A. Go 10km, turn left onto Road 2. At the intersection of 4 and 12B, turn right, continue for about 10km and then turn left to enter National Highway 6. From here, the travel distance will be identical to the car route above.

The road to Moc Chau is extremely beautiful. Let’s go by motorbike to enjoy this beauty often


What’s interesting about discovering Moc Chau’s love glass bridge?

Unique design

Moc Chau Love Glass Bridge has a unique modern design, bringing an interesting and new travel experience for visitors to the poetic Moc Chau plateau. The bridge was built with 5D glass, applying the most modern construction technology today.

The modern love bridge extends between the mountains and forests

The process of planning the design and operation, within only 4 months of rushing to complete, the Moc Chau glass bridge cost more than 30 billion VND. The pier and the bridge body are linked from 54,000 colored glass balls, symbolizing the cohesion of 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam. In particular, the bridge deck uses 3 layers of 15mm thick 5D glass with a load of about 60 tons. Moc Chau Glass Bridge has become the world’s most current bridge in the territory of Vietnam. 

Glass bridge with unique design

Strong pillars, tempered glass ensures durability and safety for all visitors. Along with that, the bridge also uses a touch system to create more than 30 different unique effects. This is a new travel experience when you can both enjoy the panoramic view of the mountains and forests in front of you and feel the fast flowing waterfall under your feet.

Modern glass bridge with interesting effects

The symbolic bridge of love

Moc Chau Glass Bridge is named after the bridge of love, first of all, because of its color. The red color is the dominant combination in the color design, along with the yellow color to express enthusiasm and intense vitality. In particular, visitors can also admire the beauty of the image of 10 red hearts linked together at the bridgehead on the lotus base. 

Photo: @keo_chi

The bridge is a design with bold colors of enthusiasm and burning love. Is the love for the nature of the mountains and forests of Moc Chau, and also shows the love of people to people.

The bridge carries the symbol of love

The point that connects people closer to the majestic nature

The mountains and forests of the Northwest are famous for their wild and majestic beauty, found in the poems and ideas of Vietnamese literature. The vast mountains and forests are like that, how can people explore all the wonderful nature. The Moc Chau Love Glass Bridge has become a connecting point bringing nature closer to people, the most unique and special natural discovery travel experience when visitors visit Moc Chau.

Magnificent nature closer to man

Surrounded by unspoiled mountains and forests, at the foot are the Northwest rapids with flowing water. If you have come to Moc Chau, do not forget to experience the unique love bridge in this land.

Check-in at Moc Chau Love Glass Bridge

Traveling to Moc Chau and experiencing the glass bridge of love Moc Chau, visitors can also visit attractive tourist attractions nearby such as the Sun Gate, the Temple of Love, and the Dating Station. The dating station is the first starting point, you go around the romantic bend to the Temple of Love – where the couple stops to pray for love, and the Sun Gate leading to the paradise of burning dreams is opened. out.

Photo: @phuong_anh289
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Along with that, when visiting the tourist destination, you can rent costumes as you like to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Moc Chau plateau and have beautiful check-in photos. 

Check in with charming ancient costumes – Photo: @huyen.oc

Moc Chau Love Glass Bridge is a modern and unique tourist destination that you must definitely experience if you are staying in Moc Chau. Possessing modern technology, the glass bridge always ensures the safety of all visitors, bringing a sense of peace when immersed in the majestic and romantic nature. In particular, the Moc Chau glass bridge is open for sale with a ticket price of less than 200,000 thousand VND / person, suitable for the spending of all visitors. Come and experience it now!

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