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Christmas trees imported from cold European countries are sold all over Saigon’s sidewalks

Real pine trees decorated for Christmas this year are imported from European countries and sold on the sidewalks of Ho Chi Minh City with prices ranging from a few million to tens of millions of dong.

For more than a week now, the place selling real pine trees on Xuan Thuy street (Thao Dien ward, Thu Duc city) has been bustling with customers coming in and out to “hunt” for the best imported fresh pine tree for Christmas decoration.

Recorded at the point of selling real pine on Xuan Thuy street, there are hundreds of fresh pine roots of all sizes being sold on the sidewalk. 

According to the gardener, this type of pine originates from Eastern Europe and was imported more than a week ago to be sold to people during Christmas.

The pine trees imported from Eastern Europe are kept intact, planted in plastic pots to keep the tree fresh for a long time. Guests taking home can plug into the ground so that the freshness lasts longer than the original cut pine.

Mr. Ho Van Thanh, an employee of the garden, said that the temperature in Ho Chi Minh City at this time is quite low, so it also contributes to preserving the vitality and freshness of the pine. If the places have the right climate and good care, they can be planted after the Christmas decorations are done.

With the weather in Ho Chi Minh City, if the tree is well cared for, it can live well for 6-8 weeks, at least through the time of Christmas, and can last until near the Lunar New Year.

To keep the moisture for the tree to stay fresh longer, Mr. Thanh and his staff must water at least 2-3 times a day. In addition, the tree should be left in cool, shaded areas so that the tree does not dry out and lose water. 

The price of pine here has many types and fluctuates depending on the height of the tree, the lowest tree (1.4 m) costs about 3.5 million VND, the tallest tree (about 3 m) costs nearly 8 million VND. 

In addition to selling fresh plants at the customer’s choice, the gardener also receives decorations at the request of the buyer, depending on the package with different prices. 

After the decoration staff completes, the pine tree will be shipped free of charge to the customer’s home if it is in the inner city.

Many customers order fresh pine early, some trees are selected and pre-ordered through online sales channels or buyers come to the garden to choose directly. 

Ms. Bao Quyen, the owner of the Urban Garden store, which specializes in selling fresh pine trees at Christmas, shared that this year the store imported about 200 fresh pine trees with their roots intact, but now nearly half of them have been sold out.

In previous years, the Danish pine tree was imported but found that it did not have its roots, it did not last long, and people did not like it very much, so this year, Quyen’s shop did not import it.

“Every year, the goods sell very quickly, usually sold out before Christmas. This year, they have only been sold for a few days, but the amount of goods sold is also quite regular,” said Ms. Quyen.

The reason why some shops in Thao Dien area (Thu Duc City) enter the truth about selling during Christmas is that this is an area where many foreigners live and work, so the demand for Christmas shopping will be higher.

In recent years, the people of Ho Chi Minh City in particular and in Vietnam in general, many people do not hesitate to spend a large amount of money to buy a fresh pine tree for their family as a decoration in the house during Christmas.

Grasping that trend, many units in Vietnam have imported fresh pine from European countries to bring back to sell. The image of fresh, cold pine trees appearing on the sidewalks of Ho Chi Minh City is no longer strange.

Therefore, imported fresh pine branches are “dominating” the Christmas decoration shopping market this year.

This year, during Christmas, consumers tend to buy fresh pine branches imported from abroad (Photo: Nhu Trang).

Although this is not a traditional Vietnamese holiday, the products and goods for this holiday season are still vibrant and very diverse.

Just finished the vase of fresh pine, Ms. Nguyen Thi Dinh (43 years old, Ha Dong district, Hanoi) said that two years ago, she started looking to buy fresh pine branches for each Christmas season.

Fresh pine branches are not only beautiful, reasonably priced, but also considered the soul, bringing the warm atmosphere of the Christmas season to every home.

Dinh’s fresh pine vase made many people stir (Photo: NVCC).

According to Ms. Dinh, in order to have a beautiful pine vase, she chooses fresh branches, after plugging in, just pour a little water into the vase, it can be fresh for a few weeks. If you want to play with dry pine branches, you do not need to add water, but just stick the pine branches in the vase, the pine branches will gradually dry out and play longer.

“For two years now, I don’t buy fake pine trees to keep in my house anymore because it’s quite bulky and the leaves are hard. Real pine trees anyway will be soft and natural, making the house space more lively and real. Pine branches have a light fragrance, very pleasant.

Fresh pine branches full of fruit make many people fascinated, not afraid to spend money to buy decorations (Photo: Nha Trang).

In particular, each vase of fresh pine can be played for a whole month, and the care process does not need to be fussy. Depending on the space of each family, you can buy large branches or bundles of many small scenes to fit, “said Dinh.

Dinh added, planting pine branches requires ingenuity and elaborateness because it takes more time than displaying the whole tree. To have a pine vase that looks like a real tree, she chooses hard branches to make the main pillar, then intersperses small branches around so that the pine tree is beveled, creating a dense and firm pine shape.

Christmas trees imported from cold European countries are sold all over Saigon’s sidewalks
Compared to a fake pine tree, planting fresh pine branches makes the space of the house lively and warm (Photo: Nha Trang).

Also eager to buy pine branches for Christmas decoration from a very early age, like Ms. Dinh and Ms. Nguyen Nha Trang (Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi) make friends laugh when showing off pictures of their pine vases on social networks.

Ms. Trang bought a set of 3 pine branches to plug a vase to decorate the living room, she said: “Displaying a large pine tree takes up a lot of space, so I bought a pine branch to plug it so that the corner of the house is both beautiful and luxurious. , the whole family likes it. To have a beautiful pine vase, I plug it in to make it airy, thin, don’t plug too much, it will confuse the eyes and lose the natural look of the pine branches.

Real pine branches are imported according to orders (Photo: Nhu Trang).

In addition, it is possible to embellish the pine vase with small Christmas decorations. However, when planting pine needles, everyone should wear gloves because the sharp tip of the pine needle is easy to stab into the hand.

Before Christmas, flower connoisseurs or home decorators often prefer fresh pine or scented pine branches to decorate their homes.

Ms. Vu Nhu Trang – the owner of an address selling imported fresh pine trees in Denmark said that this year, during Christmas, many people like to buy fancy trees to decorate their homes at affordable prices such as fresh pine and fresh pine. fresh pine. These types are available both in Vietnam and imported from China and the Netherlands, but she mainly imports pine branches from Denmark.

Fresh pine branches are imported by Ms. Nhu Trang from Denmark to Vietnam (Photo: Nhu Trang).

Nhu Trang shared that in recent years, fresh pine trees have always been a hot item at Christmas. Accordingly, fresh pine trees imported from the Netherlands, Denmark… usually cost from a few hundred to several million dongs depending on the height, or the size of the tree, usually, the higher the tree, the higher the price. expensive.

Imported fresh pine branches cost from 250,000 to 290,000 VND/kg, you can buy by the tree but it will be much more expensive, the price ranges from 2 million to 10 million VND/tree. Although more expensive than pine trees imported from China, customers still love to buy.

Fresh Danish pine branches have a beautiful shape, the vent leaves are white and look like they are covered with snow.

On average, each pine branch is 100-300cm high and 5m high. The pine trees are imported to Vietnam by “hibernation”, then bundled and packed into wooden crates for transportation by sea or by air. Each container is fitted with a temperature measuring chip to ensure the quality of the plants when they reach the customer.

The pine trees are carefully bundled and “hibernate” before returning to Vietnam (Photo: Nhu Trang).

“Currently, in the Christmas market, there are usually 3 main segments. First, are mini pine trees, conifers and pine trees sold by branches, buyers are usually young families with average incomes.

Second, as the middle class, they tend to choose imported pine trees, with the payment level for each tree from 3 to 10 million VND.

The third segment is agencies, restaurants, and hotels, they often buy large-sized pine trees for tens of millions of dong,” said Trang.

The laurel wreath is shaped from fresh pine branches and leaves (Photo: Nhu Trang).

According to Ms. Trang, this year affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, consumers tend to look to the segment of pine branches that are affordable but still ensure their pleasure. Therefore, with indoor branches, reasonable prices, and high durability like fresh pine, many people choose.

In addition, Ms. Trang added, many of her customers were once international students in European countries, coming these days they want to find the warm atmosphere of the old days of the holiday from fresh pine branches, so they do not hesitate to buy money to display in the house.

Imported fresh pine costs from several million to tens of millions of dong per tree depending on the height (Photo: Nha Trang).

“Fresh pine branches have a light fragrance when displayed in the house is very beautiful, so many sisters ordered to play for Christmas this year. There are offices where sisters gather together to buy dozens of bundles.

Therefore, I usually receive orders from customers 10 days in advance, when the pine branches arrive, they will be delivered to customers immediately. Since the day I started taking orders for pine branches, I have sold thousands of bundles. Many customers ordered a lot, I had to refuse because there were not enough goods, “said Ms. Trang.

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