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Marvel at the beauty of the peaceful and majestic Nam Mu Son La River

The Northwest is a land of unspoiled nature, majestic mountains, a region of terraced fields stretching endlessly, and beautiful flower seasons. Is that all that visitors admire when arriving here? The Northwest also has the beauty of endless rivers flowing around thousands of majestic mountains, which crept throughout this land. Discover the full beauty of this place with an excursion to Nam Mu Son La River with us, choosing a destination for your journey to discover new land. 

Location of Nam Mu Son La river 

Originating from the high peaks of the magnificent Hoang Lien Son range, the Nam Mu Son La river flows into the areas of Yen Bai, Son La, and Lai Chau provinces. In its accretion journey, the Nam Mu River also becomes a part of the Da River and is violent as it flows through the terrain of Son La province. 

Nam Mu has a length of more than 180km, with a basin area of ​​about 3,433km2. Close to It Ong town, Ta Gia commune, Muong Kim, Son La province, the river section is an ideal stop for young people who love adventure and discovering new lands. In the journey to the Northwest, visitors can take route 106, from Son La through Lai Chau to discover the peaceful and poetic but majestic beauty of the Northwest mountains before the flow of the Nam Mu river.

The cool and clear rivers of the Northwest mountains soothe the minds of tourists. The beautiful natural scenery will sweep away sorrows and difficulties in the journey to discover new things, hard but extremely meaningful.

Marvel at the beauty of the peaceful and majestic Nam Mu Son La River
Nam Mu flow between mountains and forests

The beauty of the Nam Mu Son La river flow

The color of Nam Mu water changes continuously

The color of Nam Mu Son La river water changes continuously at different times of the day, making visitors surprised, unable to help but exclaim in surprise and admiration. Early in the morning, Nam Mu is clear and gentle like a cloud, reflecting the beauty of pristine water. 

When the sun reaches the top, the stream is also iridescent, sparkling, illuminated by thousands of warm rays. In the evening on the side of the mountain, the sunset also dyes the surface of the blue water red, and the mysterious beauty crowns the night that has swallowed the whole sky. 

The idyllic beauty along the Nam Mu river – Photo: hachi8

The lyrical beauty of the Northwest mountains

From upstream to Son La downstream, Nam Mu is wild and unspoiled, reminding visitors of the Northwest here many feelings and vibrations. The flow is as calm and gentle as the figure of a young woman gliding in the wind, Nam Mu lyrically squeezes through the majestic Northwest mountains.

Nam Mu is peaceful next to the terraced fields

Looking further, visitors will see the vast green sky of the dense forest, and the tiny red and white dots of the rhododendrons blooming all year round. Standing in front of the beauty of Nam Mu Son La River, everyone has to flutter and fall in love with this flow at first sight. Nature has touched people’s hearts, an obvious thing that persists forever, lyrical and mellow.


On both sides of the river are reeds and green forests

Discover the flow point of Nam Mu Son La River

The journey of the flow, each touching point of Nam Mu has its own beauty, peaceful and extremely wild. 

Visitors to the Northwest will admire the immense and vast Nam Mu when standing on the suspension bridges spanning the river in the provinces of Lai Chau. The stream of water is cool, beautiful in the eyes of tourists and also beautiful when filling the village with more warmth. 

The long suspension bridge bends like a silk strip across the Nam Mu River

In the distance, the mountains are sky-high, the village is small and beautiful, surrounded by Muong Kim valley and green fields. The scene seems to be painted with the sincere heart of the artist, keeping visitors and fluttering hearts. The mountains and the people here beautify the Nam Mu stream.

Bon bon on the car to cross the suspension bridge – Photo: hachi8

Peaceful and dreamlike is that the Nam Mu Son La river flow is sometimes strong and wild, violently rushing and undulating rapids, with a great meaning to contribute to improving people’s lives – exploiting hydropower. 

Part of the Nam Mu River is included to build reservoirs and dams to generate high-capacity electrical energy. Hydroelectric power plants in this area must be named such as Nam Open, Huoi Quang, Ban Chat… The development speed of this production model is growing and has great significance in the daily life of people in the area. Northern provinces.

Nam Mu River is also used as a reservoir for hydroelectric dam
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So many years have passed, Nam Mu Son La river still contains the soul of the majestic Northwest heaven and earth, and is also very romantic and poetic. The journey to discover new land and return to the river of love is not someone’s own, it’s just whether you have enough determination and love. New land, new experiences, new memories, let’s take the first steps in a long journey of discovering nature.

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