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Discover the beautiful little-known Cat Linh Son La village

Cat Linh village has the wild beauty of nature, where the source of the clouds and the wind is, where the sun stretches over the terraced fields as if inlaid with gold. Nature has endowed this place with wonderful scenery and is still an unknown destination for many people. Love new things, love to explore new lands, you must once set foot in Cat Linh. Join us to explore the majestic mountains here.

Where is Cat Linh village located?

Cat Linh village belongs to Muong La district, Son La province. In the 70s of the last century, Cat Linh was a fertile land that was reclaimed by the Mong people in the Ngoc Chien and Chieng Anregions. Cat Linh is embraced by clouds on top of clouds, wind connects with wind and sunshine, intact the pristine beauty of the early days. This is also the home of many animals, especially monkeys. Perhaps that’s why people give the name Co Linh (the forest with many monkeys) to this land, and Cat Linh is the common phonetic transcription for easier reading.

Discover the beautiful little-known Cat Linh Son La village
Cat Linh village in Muong La district, Son La province

About 20km from the center of the Muong La district, Cat Linh village is the main place where the Mong people live. On the side of Pu Tha Kenh peak, Cat Linh has an altitude of 2,500m above sea level. To discover nature here, you only have one way, which is the bumpy gravel road and the difficulties stretching every step of the way. 

This place has not yet developed tourism, so people are still surprised if there are tourists visiting the village. Do not be shy but open your heart first to see the friendliness of the Mong people.

Cat Linh village is the place where the Mong people live

Discover the wonderful natural beauty bestowed on Cat Linh village

Explore Cat Linh terraced fields

Like many other mountainous districts of Son La , Cat Linh is characterized by terraced fields. Each season of Cat Linh rice brings a different flavor season. When she was a girl, the rice was green and immense, in the flowering season, it was golden in the sun, stretching endlessly.

The wind carried the scent of rice spreading across the roads, wriggling through the trees and green hills. The dreamy natural scenery of Cat Linh and the people here are like one, creating a picture of a beautiful mountain landscape, no visitor can resist the attraction of Cat Linh village .

Like localities in the Northwest, Cat Linh also owns beautiful terraced fields


Romantic pristine mountains

Due to the characteristics of the topography, Cat Linh has a high terrain, displaying in front of the eyes of visitors is a beautiful and romantic natural space, touching people’s hearts. When night falls, standing at the highest point of Cat village, visitors will see in front of their eyes the steps of Nam Chien hydroelectric power station, sparkling with lights. Like the starry sky reversed in the fairy tale she told in the past. The wind carries the scent of the forest rolling in the mantle, making people’s hearts softer and more peaceful.

Early in the morning at Cat Linh , you will be awakened by the sound of birds chirping in the green forest. The journey to discover nature will take you to the journey of soft, floating and gentle clouds carried by the wind from the hydroelectric lake, embracing the thousand-year-old mountain peak. This is a natural scene with the appearance of a watercolor painting with rivers and mountains of our ancestors for thousands of years.

The unspoiled natural beauty of Cat Linh

Enjoy the sounds of nature

The soft murmuring sound of the stream soothes people’s hearts and brings cool water to the trees and villagers here. Ignoring the entanglements, the sound of nature and heaven will soothe the noise of the hurried life out there. Surrounded by mountains and forests, streams flowing in your ears, Cat Linh village is so beautiful in the middle of the mountains with the same message. Unknown to many people, this land is extremely peaceful.

Enjoy the peaceful life here

The hospitality of the Mong people

Living with the people of Cat Linh village , you will feel more clearly the peaceful life of the mountains here. In the morning, I go to harvest rice with the Mong people, then come back to catch fish in the stream and go to catch chickens in the forest. And you will enjoy the dishes that are hunted by your own hands, sipped with apple cider soaked in the characteristics of Cat Linh mountains and forests. At night, I sleep in a PO mu wooden house right next to the poetic terraced fields.

You can also discover very interesting Mong ethnic culture
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Hmong people are friendly and hospitable, making you love this land more, not forgetting. Nature is wild and majestic and also beautiful and gentle. All have created a close, beautiful, and extremely hospitable Cat Linh. 

Attractive specialties

Visit Cat Linh village, you will not be able to resist the unique cuisine here. The mouthwatering dishes that you must try are:

  • Juicy cabbage
  • Chicken, duck meat crispy skin, super delicious without fat.
  • The sticky rice is super fragrant and flexible. Eating with pork or chicken is delicious.
  • Pa ping top (grilled fish) is seasoned and specially prepared using local recipes and spices.

And there are many other delicious dishes that you will definitely want to try.

Is Pa Binh Top grilled fish attractive yet?

Cat Linh village is a tourist destination not to be missed for tourists who love to explore, want to enjoy the peaceful natural beauty in every breath. Difficulty and treacherous terrain will be challenged at first, but when overcome this place is for you. Peaceful nature and hospitable people cherish all visitors. Do not forget to follow us in the next articles to update the next location for your trip. 

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