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The beautiful cafes in Ta Xua just need to sit down and touch the clouds

If you want to enjoy the scenery of hunting clouds, you must immediately save the beautiful cafes in Ta Xua introduced right here. Every shop has a great view to watch the clouds, and enjoy the very romantic sunrise and sunset.

A series of beautiful cafes in Ta Xua with a beautiful view of the sea of ​​clouds like a fairy scene 

1. My Oi Coffee Shop

My Oi Coffee Shop is the most famous coffee shop in Ta Xua . Mi Oi is located on Wind Peak, Ta Xua Commune, Bac Yen District. Visitors follow provincial road 112 from the center of Bac Yen town to here about 10 km to see Mi Oi lying in the middle of the mountains and hills, overlooking the valley and far away are the deep green forests. 

Mi Oi cafe is located on the Wind Peak, a cafe with a beautiful view in Ta Xua. Photo: @vuthaotien

This cafe is not too large, but the spacious space is divided into 2 floors. At first glance, this is just a wooden house lying in the middle of the sky, but the inside is extremely cozy. This small cafe is built of wood, wooden walls, wooden floors, combined with glass windows, easy to make people think of beautiful cafes in Da Lat.

Beautiful sunset at My Oi Cafe. Photo: @naanana.a

Visiting My Oi, you will enjoy the feeling of peace and spaciousness. The upper floor of the restaurant has an indoor area, outside are simple wooden chairs arranged along the table for guests to drink coffee, chill and especially hunt for clouds every morning. The lower floor has a relatively large space, rustic wooden tables and chairs just enough for guests to sit and admire the scenery and take pictures.

The beautiful cafes in Ta Xua just need to sit down and touch the clouds
Young people come to My Oi to see the sea of ​​white clouds. Photo: @joeunbii

Coming to Mi Oi Cafe , you can not only sip coffee but also enjoy the beautiful natural scenery of Ta Xua. No need to struggle to climb the dinosaur’s spine, just come here and you can watch the sea of ​​clouds floating and white every morning. Whether you choose to sit outside on the balcony or inside the restaurant, visitors also have a series of beautiful check-in photos to bring home. 

2. Homestay & Coffee Dinh Ta Xua

Homestay & Coffee Dinh Ta Xua is also a beautiful cafe in Ta Xua for those who are passionate about sightseeing and virtual living. This is the most beautiful homestay and cafe complex in Ta Xua, a place for you to escape the world, to live the most relaxing and comfortable moments. Note that this is a homestay that serves coffee, not an independent coffee shop like Me Oi.

Homestay & Coffe Dinh Ta Xua is a lovely combination of cafe and homestay. Photo: @legianggggg_

Visit Ta Xua Dinh Dinh Homestay & Coffee, you will live wonderful days in beautiful bungalows, with a direct view of the white sea of ​​clouds below. Here, every room has large glass doors so that when you wake up in the morning, you can pull the curtain and watch the white clouds floating over the hills and mountains. 

Simple rustic tables and chairs are arranged for guests to sit comfortably. Photo:

This homestay also serves a cafe for visitors to come here not only to walk around the garden, hunt for clouds, but also to sit with friends and relatives to sip a warm drink every morning. At the homestay, the coffee shop has a separate corner, while the wooden tables and chairs will be placed outside – the position where you can enjoy the most scenery and enjoy the sunrise.

Sitting here, you will be able to watch the beautiful sea of ​​clouds and take home many amazing virtual live photos. Photo: @titokute98

Visiting Dinh Ta Xua Homestay & Coffee, in addition to the lazy minutes of sleeping in a warm blanket, chilling coffee, visitors can also take a walk around to check in with the flower garden, sit on a swing to enjoy the scenery or burn at night. Campfire, BBQ party. Any experience here is more interesting and interesting than when the view of the homestay is very beautiful all year round. 

3. Thao Coffee Ta Xua 

If you are looking for a nice cafe in Ta Xua to check in and enjoy the scenery, Thao Coffee is a name not to be missed. The shop is located in Ta Xua A village, Ta Xua commune, Bac Yen district, causing nostalgia with its rustic beauty and nothing to criticize. Visiting the bar to enjoy delicious drinks, taking pictures is a great activity.

Thao Coffee Ta Xua is a cafe with a beautiful view in Ta Xua. Photo: @nghe_0804

Thao Coffee is suggested as a destination in Ta Xua not to be missed. This cafe impresses like a Hmong house. In front of the house, there is a small wooden gate, two sides are stone fences and the inner courtyard is a parking area for visitors. Going deeper, the new wooden house is the main cafe with many ravishing corners.

Coming to the shop early in the morning, you will experience a beautiful cloud hunting. Photo: @naanana.a 

Like many other cafes, Thao Coffee is rustic and simple, but the view is worth 100 points. With a location on the top of a high hill, the restaurant arranges tables and chairs facing the valley. Here in the morning, drinking coffee, you can reach out and touch the beautiful white clouds. Just like in Mi Oi, this cafe mainly uses wooden materials, the tables and chairs are very simple and simple.

Simple rustic space, contributing to adorn the beautiful scene more romantic and dreamy. Photo: @imashleyy15

If you want to hunt clouds, you should come here early in the morning. When the sun has not yet risen, the whole mountainous valley in front is covered with pure white clouds, thick and porous. Almost every corner in the shop is enough for you to hunt clouds and save the best moments. Of course, if you come early, you will be “spoiled” in front of the prime locations to take pictures. 

4. Coffee patio

Traveling to Son La but forgetting Ta Xua is a pity. Going to Ta Xua but forgetting to check in at Hien Coffee is equally unfortunate. This cafe is also located in Wind Peak, close to Mi Oi, so it’s not too difficult to find. This place is also a combination of cafes and homestays for visitors who want to immerse themselves in the beautiful scenery of Ta Xua.

Sitting at the porch, you can hunt clouds, watch the romantic sunset. Photo: @hangnguyen0293

Coming to the porch is to come to peace and tranquility, to enjoy moments of real comfort and ease. Hien’s space and layout easily make people think of a small corner of Da Lat because of the chill, because of the closeness and rusticity. However, Hien Coffee has its own substance, and more importantly, the landscape, which is the typical sky and clouds of the Northwest mountains.

Small peaceful corner at Hien Coffee. Photo: @anhable

If you don’t come here to stay, it’s okay, you can go to a coffee shop, enjoy the majestic and magnificent scenery of Ta Xua with mountains and forests, with pure white clouds, with a beautiful sunrise. Elysium. The campus is quite large, tables and chairs are mainly arranged outdoors for visitors to easily hunt clouds and take photos.

This place is also a cloud hunting paradise that you cannot ignore. Photo: @june.231098

Hardly visit the porch early in the morning, you will be able to watch the sun rise warmly, watch the white ocean lazily drifting in front of you. The scenery of Ta Xua every morning is so beautiful that just sitting in it will bring back countless virtual live photos. But not only sunrise, sunset here is also beautiful. 

Traveling to Ta Xua, you must once sit at the porch. Photo: @le_huyennn

Each beautiful coffee shop in Ta Xua has its own space, its own layout, but all share a “vibe” of romance, sweetness and peace. Most of the coffee shops have simple and simple designs to exalt the magnificent beauty of Ta Xua mountains. So if you have the opportunity, please check in these cafes to have a lot of beautiful virtual live photos. 

Photo: Instagram 

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