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List of cafes with beautiful views of the Perfume River, save it so you can check-in

Check-in the cafes overlooking the Huong River and enjoy the quiet moments, letting your soul follow the deep blue river in the dreamy space of the ancient land is an unforgettable experience for any visitor. 

Huong River is a romantic and lyrical symbol of Hue, that’s why many cafes when built deliberately choose places with the most beautiful river view. There are many cafes overlooking the Huong River in Hue, and most of them are favorite places for tourists. The feeling of enjoying a cup of coffee with a rich flavor and looking at the “poetic river” of Hue will surely captivate you forever.

List of cafes with beautiful views of the Perfume River, save it so you can check-in
Hue has many cafes with a beautiful view of the Huong River. Photo: The Time Cafe

Come to Hue, don’t forget to check-in these beautiful Huong River view cafes

1. Song Huong Coffee & Milk Tea

This is the most famous Huong River view cafe in Hue, the shop has an extremely impressive location when located on the grounds of the international-class Huong River Theater. Song Huong Coffee is impressed by modern space, very unique design full of art, direct view of the Huong River.

Song Huong Coffee & Milk Tea has a very beautiful and delicate design. Photo: FB Song Huong Coffee & Milk Tea

At this cafe, you can both feel the luxury and class while being immersed in a quiet space very Hue with a wonderful virtual living space. Especially, this cafe regularly organizes very attractive music nights, worthy of a great entertainment destination when traveling to Hue. The restaurant’s drinks are quite diverse, with eye-catching decor with coffee with different juices and concoctions offering many choices. 

Direct view of the Huong River. Photo: Song Huong Coffee & Milk Tea

Attractive drinks and beautiful decor. Photo: FB/Song Huong Coffee & Milk Tea

Address: No. 1 Le Loi Street, Hue City

Price: Depending on the dish, from 50,000 VND

Open: 6:30am – 10:00pm

2. The TIME Coffee & Bakery

This is a very famous Huong River view cafe in Hue and the perfect choice for those who are looking for a cafe with a nice view and delicious coffee. The space of the restaurant is spacious and airy, the terrace has a view of the Huong River and covers the space of the Imperial Citadel of Hue, which is considered the heart of the ancient capital. At The TIME Coffee & Bakery you can enjoy coffee while chatting with friends or simply admiring the wonderful scenery. 

The view overlooking the Huong River is superb. Photo: The Time Cafe

The restaurant has a very elegant and simple design, bringing a feeling of closeness and coziness. In addition , this cafe in Hue also has an open Rooftop space for you to mingle with nature. The TIME Coffee & Bakery not only has a beautiful space and drinks here are also very quality with coffee, teas, juices, smoothies or Mojito, milk teas…

The beautiful check-in corner is loved by many people. Photo: The Time Cafe

The space is very open. Photo: The Time Cafe

The shop has a variety of drinks and attractive cakes. Photo: The Time Cafe

Address: 5th floor, 18 Le Loi building, Hue city

Price: From 39,000 VND, depending on the dish 

Open: 6:30am – 10:30pm

3. Cafe Imperial Hotel 

Located right on the terrace of the Imperial Hotel, this Huong River View Cafe is an attractive destination for visitors because of its very open space and especially the beautiful panoramic view of the Huong River. This is a frequent destination of international guests because the coffee taste is quite good and especially the viewpoint 10. 

Cafe Imperial Hotel with the ultimate view of the Huong River. Photo:@tintinadvs

Sitting at Cafe Imperial Hotel you can admire the scenery of the Huong River at every moment, the most beautiful is the sunrise and sunset, the virtual living view here is also beautiful. The drinks of Cafe Imperial Hotel are quite diverse with coffee and mixed drinks. In the evening, this cafe also serves very chill alcohol.  

You can zoom your eyes to see the peaceful Huong River. Photo:@pham.t.huongtram

Drinks are varied and delicious. Photo:@nursewholovestonom

Address: 16th floor of Imperial Hotel, 8 Hung Vuong Street, Hue City

Price: From 50,000 VND

Opening hours: 8am – 10pm

4. Sky Cafe Midtown Hotel Hue 

This Huong River view cafe will surprise you because although it looks from the outside the area is quite small, but it has a beautiful view, even the view in this place is compared to King’s Panorama Bar. From this cafe, you can see both the miniature Hue city and the romantic Huong River. 

Sky Cafe Midtown Hotel Hue also has a very beautiful view of the Huong River. Photo:@_mcuongngo

The cafe serves a full range of coffee, mixed drinks, and alcohol. According to many visitors, the drinks of Sky Cafe Midtown Hue are very delicious while the price is very cheap compared to the size of a 4-star hotel. 

The space is very open, watching the city from above. Photo: midtown Hotel

One Hue travel experience that you should update if you want to check-in this place is to come early because the shop is quite crowded and may run out of tables. Not only has a beautiful view, impressive space, but the restaurant also regularly invites famous artists to perform to serve visitors with quite a professional service.

Night view from Midtown Hotel’s cafe. Photo:@aodaithongay

Address: 14th Floor Midtown Hotel, No. 29 Doi Cung Street, Hue City 

Selling price:  50,000 VND – 150,000 VND.

Opening hours:  18:00 – 22:00

 In addition to the above cafes, you can also check-in many other shops with impressive Huong River views such as Song Trang, Co Huong cafe, Black and White cafe… 

Hue has many beautiful cafes, but when traveling here, try to check in at the cafes overlooking the Huong River to enjoy a different beauty, very Hue and full of romance. 

Photo: Internet 


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